Kid Cudi Slams Critics Over “Illuminati” Claims

Kid Cudi has vehemently refuted a baseless and absurd accusation that he donned a dress as part of an “Illuminati humiliation ritual.” In 2021, he made headlines for wearing a dress the late Virgil Abloh designed as a tribute to Kurt Cobain. The accusation was made by a right-wing conspiracy theorist on X (previously known as Twitter), who shared a snippet of Cudi wearing a floral dress during his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2021. The theorist also falsely implied that Cudi was affiliated with the Illuminati, a clandestine organization from the 18th century that has long been a target of groundless conspiracy theories.

Kid Cudi participating in an illuminati humiliation ritual… Is the fame and fortune worth it… #WeWantAnswers.”

Kid Cudi has always been vocal about his fashion sense. While some fans had mixed reactions to his outfit, many praised him for breaking gender norms in fashion. Later that same year, Cudi attended the CFDA Awards wearing a Kurt Cobain-inspired dress designed by Eli Russell Linnetz. This dress was a unique combination of a wedding dress and a suit. When a critic posted negative comments about his outfit, the Cleveland native quickly responded, calling the user “silly” and “lame.”

“Dear Issac u silly stupid lil person and all people under this post. Its the start of a new year and I got time for muthafuckas like u today. This post is mad fuckin lame of u and sad. A black man cant express himself and be confident AND successful with out it being some conspiracy,”

“My success was [given] to me by God with the help of my many angels. All u people in the [comments] that have been tweetin me all day about this shit can gargle on my mayo. This moment was a proud moment for me, a shinin moment for all people who express themselves in their art.”

“I felt free and alive, it inspired people and nothing u stupid simple asses say can take that away from me. Happy New Year u fuckin simps.

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