Portable Uncovers The Underlying Truth Of The Boxing Contest Between Him And Kelvin, Kizz Daniel’s Bodyguard

The highly talked-about boxing match between Nigerian singer Portable and Kizz Daniel’s bouncer, Kelvin, has been clarified by Portable.

Following weeks of debate on the legitimacy of the fight, the information was finally revealed. The fight’s viral clip, which went viral a few weeks ago, saw Portable battering Kelvin in a boxing ring before knocking him out with a single, crushing blow and a series of messy jabs, earning the fight’s first round victory.

But on Thursday, March 7, 2024, an old video made a reappearance online in which Portable is heard acknowledging that he is not strong enough to overcome Kelvin and other formidable opponents like Anthony Joshua.

Many fans had previously assumed that the boxing combat had been staged rather than a true competition, and this revelation has spurred more discussion among them. The story of the widely reported fight has taken on a new angle with the release of this video, raising doubts about the veracity of the incident and the reasons behind its production.

The truth about Portable and Kelvin’s boxing encounter seems more complicated than initially imagined, based on the outpouring of responses from both fans and onlookers. The Nigerian music industry, where drama and controversy frequently collide with entertainment, is still in the public eye in light of this most recent incident.

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