R2Bees Billed As Headliners For This Year’s Edition Of Guinness Accravaganza

The legendary Ghanaian singing duo, R2Bees, will headline the Gunness Accravaganza, which is set to return to its original location at Untamed Empire, off Spintex Road, on April 20, 2024. Gunness is Ghana’s greatest multi-sensory arts extravaganza, presented by the stout brand Guinness.

The Guinness Accravaganza, which is still driven by the company’s enduring values of goodness, power, and camaraderie and its central tenet that “Black Shines Brightest,” will bring together Accra’s foodies, music aficionados, fashionistas, sports fans, and people who appreciate the premium flavor and spirit of the renowned black liquid.

Conversations about the food pairing experience—which allows patrons to receive complimentary Ghanaian snacks by purchasing just two Guinness cans—live football matches of the day, a fiercely competitive competition that will determine Accra’s FIFA boss, and hours of music spun by the city’s favorite DJs, such as DJ Sleek, Mz. Orstin, and DJ Lord, Ghana’s recently crowned Best DJ of the Year—will abound.

In addition to other intriguing names like Jah Lead, Chayuta, and Yaw Darling, R2Bees will be performing a plethora of their most popular songs. This edition will offer a ton of iconic enjoyable experiences that have been boosted to reflect the present excitement level in the capital.

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