“I Don’t Have No Issues With Nobody”, Remy Ma Responds Politely When Asked About Nicki Minaj

Female rapper, Remy Ma, gave quite the polite answer when asked by a cameraman about fellow rapper, Nicki Minaj.

The longstanding feud existing between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj is one for the Hip-Hop history books, but in recent years, the ladies seemingly have laid all that beef to rest. Here’s a clip showing how Remy held it down:

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There was a time when slick disses and lyrical jabs were welcome, but as their careers have progressed and families expanded, both rappers seem to be more concerned and attune with making business moves in place of keeping their old beef sizzling.

Remy was out and about her biz lately when she was accosted by a paparazzo who sought to throw in a few questions before the rapper could be on her way. As expected, the cameraman in question had to squeeze in a Nicki Minaj mention.

“I don’t have no issues with nobody, I been chillin’,” Remy said, wearing a smile, before taking her leave.

She was applauded online for how well she handled the situation, but some others are left wondering if Remy and Nicki will ever sit down for a conversation. Now that City Girls have mended fences with Minaj, hopefully, a chance for reconciliation happens for Remy and Nicki.

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