Fans Trend Kanye West’s Comments About Meek Mill Following New Diddy Lawsuit

Diddy has had to deal with a number of scathing lawsuits last year that accused him of a variety of sexual misdeeds. Although Cassie made the first charges, they were swiftly resolved, and relatively few other well-known figures were also charged in the subsequent proceedings in addition to Diddy, with a bid to close the subject.

However, the latest rounds of accusations, which have already included celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Yung Miami, and Stevie J, have proven to be challenging as more complaints continue to trend on social media. Some more explicit charges are made in the most recent lawsuits. In one of such cases, fans quickly discovered that Meek Mill and Usher were being discussed, even though they weren’t addressed by name.

Certain descriptions included in inquiries into the charges in the most recent lawsuit don’t do a good job of concealing who is being discussed because, in addition to Stevie J, it claims that Diddy discussed having sex with two other well-known individuals. The complaint refers to a “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” along with one “who performed at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas residency.”

The reference to Meek Mill and Usher was rather obvious to fans following these assertions. How true the allegations -your guess is as good as mine. Mocking Meek and Diddy, a tweet is trending that has resurfaced an interview with Kanye West in 2022. He makes reference to them both in this specific clip. The video clip may be recognizable to fans from its viral days a few years ago. In a matter of minutes, West transitions from furious ranting to uncontrollably laughing. He starts off by criticizing different rappers who, in his opinion, were sent after him in accordance with a contract.

The outburst is related to a discussion about how his daughter is being kept concealed from him. It wasn’t until Travis Scott gave him her address that the matter was resolved. By the time the footage ends, West is giggling at the notion that Meek Mill was “sent after him” by someone. The comments section shows the reactions of fans who are now drawing connections.

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