Rihanna Allegedly ‘Forced to Cancel Baby Shower’ Following A$AP Rocky Arrest

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna were allegedly forced to put their baby shower on ice following Rocky’s arrest this week.

The rapper and his pregnant babe were just returning from Barbados on Wednesday morning when he was accosted and taken in by cops at a private terminal at LAX. He was held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, but was set free after he had posted bond of $550K. According to reports from The Sun, Rihanna was emotional, “crying non-stop” after being totally blindsided by the arrest.

“She’s heavily pregnant and these are very serious accusations, it’s a nightmare scenario for her,” revealed a source. As a result, the couple were reportedly forced to postpone the baby shower for their first offspring, which was to happen hours later on Wednesday night.

“It was meant to be Rihanna’s baby shower in L.A. on Wednesday night but they had to cancel,” added the source. “Rihanna was very, very upset and stressed by Rocky’s arrest. It’s not the best time for her to be on such an emotional rollercoaster.”

Rihanna had previously spoken about what she had in mind for her baby shower. “No brunch, no blush tones. And no animal-shaped nothing,” she told Vogue. Personally, I want a party. I want everyone to be plastered and crawling out.”

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