Seyi Vibez Criticized Over Scene In Just Released “Gwagwalada” Video

Many people are buzzing about releasing the eagerly awaited music video for Buju BNXN’s infectious single Gwagwalada, which features Seyi Vibez and Kizz Daniel. Since its debut, the song has topped the charts, attracting interest and responses from admirers and worried locals.

The video, directed by Perlinks Definition, a relatively new brand in the business, has drawn fire after it revealed a scene that saw Seyi Vibez surrounded by nuns smoking while wearing their veils and other religious garbs.

The video, which has drawn a lot of criticism, has been charged with encouraging religious intolerance. Citizens have responded with remarks labeling the artists’ behavior and activity as “awful” and “unacceptable.” In addition, many people have expressed dissatisfaction with the action and perceived it as disrespectful to religion.

The music video’s release has triggered a discussion on religious intolerance and the place of artists in society. Several have complained that by promoting artwork with such language, the artists harm the kids, who may be persuaded to act the same way without considering the repercussions, increasing hate and division in society.

Some contend that rather than passing harsh judgment on the video; it should be viewed in its larger cultural context as an artistic creation and a means of expression. They argue that the scenario in question should be considered a clever metaphor contrasting opposing viewpoints on religious diversity and tolerance. Also, they think it is a chance to develop and learn rather than a justification for tolerating hatred.

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