Seyi Vibez Hangs Out With Mystery White Lady, And Fans React

A certain X user, Seun caused a bit of a stir when he asserted that women are not always picky about who they choose as a partner. The guy asserts that having a stable financial situation is the bedrock for romantic relationships nowadays, suggesting that having a fat bank account can make a man attractive to a wide variety of women.

The man’s remarks were spurred by reports of popular Neo-fuji artist Seyi Vibez being spotted with an attractive unidentified woman. In the photo, Vibez stood behind the lady in question with an almost burnt out blunt held between his lips. The lady, who appears mixed in race, looked ecstatic as she showed off her tattoos, grills and Seyi’s new iced-out chain sitting pretty around her neck.

Seyi Vibez Hangs Out With Mystery White Lady, And Fans React, Yours Truly, News, April 19, 2024

While some hailed him, another group was insistent on the fact that Seyi Vibez’ fame and wealth were the main reasons he seemed to be with a gorgeous woman, even though he may not be conventionally attractive by society’s standards.

Keeping up with his success, the past few months have seen Vibez make headlines for his incredible accomplishments in the music business. Only days ago, the music video for “Giza,” his collaboration with Burna Boy, was released and has already raked in over 1.5M views on YouTube.

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