Shaffy Bello Warns Women Against Being Liabilities In Relationships

Shaffy Bello, an A-list Nigerian actress, recently expressed her opinion on the importance of women’s contributions to relationships. In a podcast interview with media personality, Stephanie Coker, the actress candidly counseled women to cease questioning males when they inquire about what they bring to the table.

According to Ms. Bello, she would not want to be with or get hitched to a liability if she were a man. The actress went on to explain that she would hate to be a burden on anyone. In her indepth explanation, Shaffy revealed that self-sufficient women are actually more attractive to males. She also believes that women should avoid always coming off as unduly reliant.

While some social media users disagreed with her, majority of commenters did. In addition, Shaffy disclosed, in the same interview, that she cannot get married to a man that will not allow her work. Before her podcast interview, Shaffy Bello had recently hosted a masterclass in Lagos for young Nigerians called “What I Know.”

An enthusiastic audience assembled to hear the seasoned actress share her ideas, as the event primarily aimed to inspire hope and positively influence lives. Shaffy Bello also seized the occasion to give insightful insights into life as we know it, and the entertainment industry based on her personal experiences.

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