Simi Returns With A Romantic New Track, “All I Want”

Simi, a renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, has released a new tune titled All I Want, which is a plea for real and true love. The single delves into the most profound longings of love, portraying the underlying hunger for vulnerability and connection.

All I Want is a catchy fusion of lively instrumentation and poignant lyricism, produced by the gifted beatmaker Loudaaa. The song gets more in-depth, exploring the primal need for vulnerability and sincerity. Painting a vivid image of longing, Simi’s sensuous vocals softly glide over the melodic instrumentation.

Although Simi doesn’t hold back when expressing her wishes, she does it with a maturity and clarity that goes beyond the transient pleasures of superficiality. The song is a gentle reminder that genuine love doesn’t necessitate extravagant gestures or overt expressions of affection. The basis of a solid relationship is built on the silent times of comprehension, vulnerability, and support.

Simi has created a song that is incredibly intimate and widely relevant in All I Want. Her ability to combine catchy melodies and lyrical lyricism with a message that connects with listeners on a deeper level is evident in this testimonial to her skill. This song is more than simply a single; it’s a declaration, an exhortation to accept love in all of its simplicity, and a reminder that sometimes “all we want” is real connection.

Listen to the single below:

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