Skit Maker, Sydney Talker Claims Tems’ Heartfelt Message To Her Fans In Sydney, Australia

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation, Tems, posted pictures from her fantastic show in Sydney, the Australian capital, on her Twitter page. She gave her supporters, who came out to support her, her love. In the same vein, she expressed her love for Sydney as well, to which Skitmaker, Sydney Talker swiftly responded in a humorous manner by claiming it as his.

Skit Maker, Sydney Talker Claims Tems' Heartfelt Message To Her Fans In Sydney, Australia, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

There was a sizable gathering of fans at the performance to see Tems perform, and it seems like they received more than they anticipated. In a popular video on X, formerly Twitter, the singer exhibited dancing moves alongside her dancers, sending her followers into a frenzy of delight.

A loud yell broke out as phones captured the action, and Tems even attempted to shake her enormous rear at various points. This was a highly uncommon sight. As the audience applauded her efforts, the vocalist shyly grinned.

Additionally, a new Tems video that surfaced this week showed the singer hiding her stomach with a flowing black garment, prompting her fans to assume that she is expecting a child from an unidentified male. In response to the rumor, Tems made it clear that she was not interested in entertaining or allowing it to impact her.

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