Skit Maker, Cute Abiola, Dismisses Allegations Of Acquiring A New Car For Mohbad’s Father

Popular comedian and content creator, Cute Abiola, laments as he denies a story that he bought a brand-new car for the late Afrobeat musician Mohbad’s father. A social media account said that the content producer consoled the mourning father by giving him a new automobile.

“Lawyer Kunle just brought a new Lexus car worth $20 million for Mohbad Dad,” according to the video’s caption.

Cute Abiola refuted the rumor on his Instagram story, emphasizing that he is not related to Mohbad’s father and that it is not appropriate for him to make such a gesture. He further noted that, given how quickly Mohbad’s father provides interviews, whomever made the unfounded accusations lacked responsibility.

This comes after the comedian questioned how his head’s shape changed when he shared an old photograph from his days of financial hardship. The well-known comedian and former service member posted on social media to reflect on his progress and the physical changes he has undergone.

He posted two pictures of himself: one from when he was a military recruit and the other, more recent, showing him looking good. The comedian questioned the biological and miraculous causes of his head’s abrupt alteration.

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