Sophia Momodu Calls Out Her “Enemies” And Notifies Everyone Of The “Soft Life” Ambitions She Has For Her Daughter

Sophia Momodu, a successful businesswoman and celebrity mother, made news this week with a feisty social media statement intended at her “enemies.”  Momodu, who has a daughter with well-known Nigerian artist Davido, recently warned her adversaries not to “play” with her this year in a post on her Instagram.

In a subsequent post, Sophia reaffirmed her position, saying that her daughter Imade will still lead a happy life “with or without” her enemies. Momodu declared, “With or without my enemies, my baby girl will have a soft life.” She continued by saying that no one could steal her happiness or her peace in the new year.

Although the Instagram celebrity made no mention of any particular “enemies,” there was discussion as to who she might be alluding to and what would have prompted the cryptic warnings. Given that the ex-couple had previously engaged in custody battles over their young daughter, some people questioned whether Davido himself was the target of the words.

Some people hypothesized that she might be calling out bloggers, trolls, or bloggers who have attacked Momodu and her family online. Sophia’s speaking expressed a strong sense of conviction that, despite any opposition, she will defend her daughter and give her a comfortable life, no matter who her opps may be.

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