Sophia Momodu Responds To Allegations Following Imade’s Complaint About Davido

The Nigerian fashion designer Sophia Momodu, popular for being Davido’s babymama, has addressed backlash following the disclosure of her daughter Imade’s leaked conversation with her grandma in which she accused Davido of being an absent father.

Imade’s mother, Sophia, had previously posted a screenshot of the WhatsApp texts between Imade and her grandma, where the little girl expressed her disappointment in her father after he had failed to respond to her calls. As expected, social media users also responded to the post in a variety of ways.

Many others attacked Sophia Momodu, saying she had coerced her daughter into speaking negatively about her father. Sophia Momodu defended herself on her Twitter page, saying that she is not disturbed by Nigerians who constantly portray her as the bad guy. She highlighted that kids are honest about their feelings, especially when they’re talking to their grandparents.

Sophia Momodu Responds To Allegations Following Imade’s Complaint About Davido, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

Additionally, the single mother of one said that it hasn’t been in vain for her to remain silent about issues with her baby daddy. Speaking further about the accusations, Sophia said that if people could be this outraged over screenshots of chat, she can only imagine what would happen when she actually dropped the book she’s writing.

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