Speed Darlington Declares Biafran Identity, Rejects Nigerian Nationality and Christianity

In a recent turn of events, popular US-based singer and influencer, Darlington Okoye, widely recognized as Speed Darlington, has declared his identity as a Biafran, dissociating himself from Nigerian nationality.

Known for his brash online presence, Speed Darlington made the bold statements in response to followers urging him to forgive a local church in his neighborhood causing noise pollution. The artist, also lovingly known as Akpi, had previously voiced his displeasure at the disturbance caused by the church’s activities.

In a video circulating online, Speed Darlington vehemently denounced suggestions to “forgive and forget,” raining curses on those advising him to adopt such a stance. He insisted that he does not identify as a Nigerian, nor does he subscribe to the Christian faith.

In his unequivocal words, Speed Darlington declared, “Thunder fire you and that ‘forgive and forget’. I am not a Nigerian I am a Biafran, you cross me I sink you. I am not even a Christian.”

The singer’s candid revelations offer a deeper understanding of his personal identity, cultural affiliation, and religious beliefs. It also sheds light on his unwavering stance against noise pollution, an issue that often sparks debate in both residential and religious circles.

Speed Darlington’s assertive comments have ignited conversations among fans and followers, setting social media ablaze with varied reactions. As the dust settles, the impact of these revelations on his career, public image, and influence within the entertainment industry remains to be seen.

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