Nurdjana Releases Debut ‘Coming Home’ EP

Dutch-Canadian vocalist Nurdjana is sharing her debut EPComing Home, a collection of songs written by and with her late father, singer-songwriter Rob de Rijcke.

The EP features “Do the Right Thing (Revision),” which Nurdjana completed writing as she was going through a divorce.

The feel-good, soulful song channels Motown and is carried by a sense of humour as Nurdjana expresses her wish for her partner to step up, while acknowledging deep down that they wouldn’t.

Stream + share “Do the Right Thing (Revision)” now:

Coming Home embodies Nurdjana‘s search for her identity. Over the last decade, she immigrated to Canada, lost both her parents, became a mom, got divorced, and is now a single mother.

Through honouring her father’s influence, she has connected to her own passion for making music on this EP, whose creation took her on a journey back to herself.

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