Stevie Wonder Acknowledges Tems And Declares Himself A Fan

The iconic American musician and producer Stevie Wonder recently generated a lot of attention on social media when a video of the legendary performer praising Nigerian music star Tems surfaced. Stevie Wonder professed his love and admiration for the young Nigerian singer at an industry event and expressed his gratitude for her work. The conversation between Stevie Wonder and Tems manager Muyiwa Awoniyi, also known as “Donawon,” was captured on tape, extensively shared online, and generated much interest among fans.

The 72-year-old music producer said in the video, “I think Tems is wonderful, I really do,” indicating that he was a fan of the work of the Nigerian musician.

He complimented the 25-year-old “Try Me” hitmaker’s powerful vocals and her music’s deep, soulful feel as he continued praising her talent. The buzzing meet-and-greet between the renowned musician and the talent manager is a tribute to the influence of African music, especially Afrobeats, in the international music scene. Since then, the video has gained widespread attention, leaving Tems’ followers and music enthusiasts worldwide speechless and inspired.

Many other huge foreign entertainers have expressed their love for Tems, and at this point, anyone still hating on Tems is simply bad vibes, but what’s funny is that haters are just fans in denial.

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