Ayra Starr Acknowledges A Fan For Sketching A Portrait Of Her

After investing nearly 19 hours in creating a magnificent hand-drawn portrait of the singer, a Nigerian artist recently discovered that singer Ayra Starr had blocked him on Twitter. Dami Foreign, the artist, spent more than 18 hours creating a remarkably accurate and precise drawing of Ayra Starr using only a blue pen.

He tweeted the finished product and noted the precise time it took to complete the creative homage—18 hours, 57 seconds. At first, it appeared Dami’s efforts had paid off, but a short while later, he discovered the singer had mysteriously blocked him on Twitter, preventing further communication.

After supposedly putting so much time and effort into it, Dami was understandably astonished and perplexed by this response. He replied with a tweet that said, “Is this the motherf**king thanks I get?”

Ayra Starr Acknowledges A Fan For Sketching A Portrait Of Her, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

As of now, Ayra Starr hasn’t offered any justification for her behavior. However, the dramatic story has undoubtedly garnered interest, with many people sympathizing with Ekong over the fact that his artistic talent was met with rejection. The block seems like salt in the wound as the artist probably only wished to honor the budding star.

Judging from Ayra’s actions, you could predict she wasn’t very pleased by the gesture that seemed rather jestful than a fan art tribute.

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