SZA Announces That Her Much-Awaited Duet With Paramore Is “In The Works”

SZA has announced that fans will soon be able to hear the fruits of her work with Paramore.

A short video of the St. Louis native responding to fan inquiries was released by Apple Music on Tuesday, January 30. One of the select-few questions asked when she would be collaborating with the rock group and how soon she expected it.

“Soon! Soon!” The vocalist gave a reply. “It’s in the works.”

For a while now, Paramore front-woman Hayley Williams has indicated that she would like to collaborate with SZA. She discussed her vision for the crossover last year in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Earlier that week, Williams spoke on the Black People Love Paramore podcast, where she disclosed that she and SZA had been texting weekly in regards to their collaborative effort. Shortly after, SZA disclosed that “F2F,” a pop-punk song with a pop sensibility, became her favorite to perform throughout the SOS Tour.

The song has a Paramore link since SZA asked Hayley Williams’ permission before changing lanes in anticipation of the release of the SOS deep cut. So, don’t act too surprised if Paramore appears on SZA’s new Lana project, which is rumored to be the deluxe version of the Grammy-winning singer’s smash hit SOS album.

And thanks to SOS, SZA will also be performing at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

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