Paramore “Re: This Is Why” Album Review

Re: This Is Why


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Date: 06 Oct, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 Atlantic Recording Group LLC

Paramore &Quot;Re: This Is Why&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

Paramore has always been known for their ability to evolve. “This Is Why” is the title track of Paramore’s sixth album. The song conveys a sense of swirling paranoia, similar to hearing voices in one’s head. The marimba has a rhythmic beat, while the drums consistently veer into new and unexpected directions. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams adopts a gentle vocal twang that complements the song’s lyrics.

During the first half of their career, they built their reputation on punk-infused pop anthems. However, with the release of their fourth self-titled album, they began to break free from the boundaries and labels placed upon them. The sprawling seventeen-track record began their metamorphosis, eventually winning them a GRAMMY. Their 2017 album, ‘After Laughter’, saw them continue to shift and refine their sound, resulting in one of the year’s best albums. Anyone who believed that Paramore would continue to stay within the same space on their sixth album will be surprised by ‘This Is Why’. The trio has undergone another bold and brilliant transformation, proving that they are not afraid to push the boundaries of their music.

Album Art

Paramore &Quot;Re: This Is Why&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

In the Album Art, the trio is captured in a behind-the-glass snapshot, with their faces pressed against the clear surface. Their comedic expressions reveal a sense of stun, as if they are enamoured with something they see beyond the glass even though their eyes are shut. The caption “this is why” could imply that whatever they are looking at/or feeling is the reason for their joy and admiration.

Tracks And Features

All tracks were written by Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Zac Farro and produced by Carlos de la Garza.

The album ‘This Is Why’ by Paramore is an ode to their earlier days while being in sync with the sound of modern rock. The band’s artistic growth is evident in their evolution leading up to this album and in the sound of the album itself. While their earlier music was full of pent-up frustrations and had a fluorescent, booming sound, the songs’ Big Man Little Dignity’ and ‘Figure 8’ stretch the spectrum of emotion outwards. Williams experiments with cadence and tone in a playful way on ‘Big Man Little Dignity’, while the feverish guitar loop on the track feels expertly engineered to express the anxiety of the present.

Paramore’s ‘This Is Why’ showcases their fearless songwriting abilities as a bold reminder of their limitless potential. The track seamlessly blends hard rock riffs with adventurous vocal detours and lightly psychedelic moments, resulting in an explosive finale. Despite facing numerous lineup changes and internal conflicts, Paramore has emerged as one of their generation’s most widely respected bands. It’s remarkable how they’ve overcome these challenges and consistently evolved their sound.

In ‘C’est Comme Ça’, the jagged guitars at the beginning of the song are reminiscent of Hard-Fi’s ‘Hard To Beat’ but are executed with their unique style. Hayley Williams’ delivery is hauntingly beautiful, with her dead-eyed drawl adding a layer of intrigue. The standout moment comes when she hits the bullseye with a line that will probably be quoted and shared on Instagram for weeks.

Paramore’s loudest track on the album ‘The News,’ is a captivating piece of music that commands attention right from the start. The song’s bassline is prominent, and the guitar build-up adds a theatrical and horror-infused element that elevates the overall sound. Despite some fleeting moments of the band’s affinity for riffier tunes, the balance between direct songwriting and excess is struck perfectly. Overall, Paramore’s ‘The News’ is a bold and imaginative addition to their discography that will surely please both old and new fans alike.

The album’s songs convey a powerful message of reclaiming oneself, exemplified by Williams’s raw emotions. The latter part of ‘This Is Why’ is somewhat ambiguous, delving into two different themes. On the one hand, Williams reflects on why she feels like an emotional vampire despite the world’s hardships, as heard in ‘Crave’.

On the other hand, she musters the courage to confront her flaws, as seen in Closer ‘Thick Skull’. By sharing her growth experiences, she demonstrates how changing individuals can internalize their fears and harm others in response. While Williams portrays intrusive thoughts with unyielding honesty, she approaches years of unrest with genuine compassion.


1 This Is Why (Re: Foals) Paramore & Foals 5:51
2 The News (Re: The Linda Lindas) Paramore & The Linda Lindas 3:25
3 Running Out Of Time (Re: Panda Bear) Paramore & Panda Bear 4:23
4 Running Out Of Time (Re: Zane Lowe) Paramore & Zane Lowe 4:44
5 C’est Comme Ça (Re: Wet Leg) Paramore & Wet Leg 2:24
6 Big Man, Little Dignity (Re: DOMi & JD BECK) Paramore & DOMi & JD BECK 2:59
7 You First (Re: Remi Wolf) Paramore & Remi Wolf 3:54
8 Figure 8 (Re: Bartees Strange) Paramore & Bartees Strange 3:35
9 Liar (Re: Romy) Paramore & Romy 4:36
10 Crave (Re: Claud) Paramore & Claud 3:30
11 Thick Skull (Re: Julien Baker) Paramore & Julien Baker 4:54
12 Sanity (demo) Paramore 3:30

Album Summary

Paramore has long recognized that even the catchiest pop tune cannot dispel one’s deepest sorrows. With their 2017 album ‘After Laughter’, the band juxtaposed bug-eyed terror with the healing power of primary-hued, Talking Heads-inspired melodies. Their latest release, ‘This Is Why’, delves into the uncertain realm of post-pandemic life and captures a moment of record-scratch stillness. At last, Paramore has reached the pinnacle of their musical aspirations, eschewing the pressure to outdo their peerless anthems. Instead, ‘This Is Why’ radiates a newfound warmth, creating an uplifting effect.


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