Tems Discusses Her Collaboration With Rihanna

Tems, the Nigerian international sensation, has been nominated for Best Original Song at the 2023 Academy Awards. In an interview following the announcement, she expressed her satisfaction and hoped about what this signified for her achievements thus far. She acknowledged that this nomination allowed her to reflect on her path, which she was proud of.

Tems expressed her love for her colleague nominee, Rihanna, whom she described as one of the world’s most influential musicians. This was the second time the two had collaborated, and Tems expressed her gratitude to the skilled and influential celebrity. Tems also expressed her eagerness to work with Rihanna again in the future.

Tems also happens to be the first African woman to achieve five Billboard singles (including her infectious collaboration with Wizkid, “Essence”). She is also the best-selling female musician on the continent. Although receiving her Academy Award is a career high point, she claims this is not her goal’s pinnacle.

Tems’ candidacy for the 2023 Oscars was a huge milestone in her career, and her openness to the press and admiration for her other nominees is admirable. Tems’ professional accomplishments deserve attention, and her passion and optimism, as evidenced by the interview, will undoubtedly be something to watch in the months ahead.

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