Tems Shares Her Experience Being Bullied For The Way Her Voice Sounded While Growing Up

Tems, a singer-songwriter, recently discussed her background, distinctive style, and personality with New York media outlet, The Cut.

Tems recalled that, together with her brother Tunji and her mother, she was a very private child who grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Although she didn’t begin speaking until she was at least three years old, she admitted to the magazine that she has always loved to sing.

She also disclosed that before becoming the confident version of herself that her fans have come to know and love, she had gone through several stages of transformation. Even when she sung, young Temilade claimed to have grown up self-conscious of her talking voice because it did not sound like other girls’ gentler tones.

Additionally, according to The Cut, “other kids bullied her to the point of tears.” She frequently received unwanted feedback about her vocal pitch from strangers, even while she wasn’t in school. Her self-esteem began to erode as a result, and she began to think that she “sounded like a boy, or a frog, or that her voice was otherwise ugly.”

But in high school, her music teacher helped her develop her confidence, and as a result, she became the incredibly self-assured woman we see today.

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