Tests Reveal Taylor Swift’s Fan Died From Heat Exhaustion At Her Rio Concert

Post-mortem studies quoted in Brazilian media indicate that the 23-year-old fan who collapsed at a Taylor Swift concert in Rio de Janeiro in November passed away from heat exhaustion. On November 17, Ana Clara Benevides Machado went to the first Swift Eras Tour performance in the Brazilian city, which, sadly, was also her last.

According to city officials, a heat wave caused temperatures to soar to 39C (102F), with the “felt” temperature hitting 59.3C. The fan’s death “devastated” Taylor Swift, she had claimed at the time. The late female Swiftie seemed to be having trouble with the intense heat in a video footage.

Following the fan’s passing, the musician postponed the show that was supposed to happen the following day, but continued the tour regardless. To attend the event, Ana Clara Benevides Machado, a psychology student, traveled from Rondonópolis to Rio.

Swift’s friend Daniele Menin reported that the 23-year-old passed out during the second song. Before being transported to the hospital, where she passed away, paramedics treated her on the spot. She experienced a cardiovascular shock and pulmonary bleeding, which led to her abrupt death, according to the post-mortem report.

Her father confirmed to the local press that he was positive Ana Clara passed away from the intense heat that day. At the city’s Nilton Santos stadium, some 60,000 people attended the show.

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