Teyana Taylor Takes Swipe At Media Houses Reporting Her Divorce Stories For “Misleading The Public”

In September last year, famous American singer Teyana Taylor announced her split from her ex-NBA husband, Iman Shumpert. Since then, her personal life has been the subject of media attention. In November, Taylor filed for divorce, initially keeping it a secret but later becoming a hot topic online. The divorce filing contained several shocking accusations against her ex-husband, including allegations of cruelty, jealousy, and narcissism. Moreover, Taylor accused Shumpert of being intoxicated while caring for their two small children, which raised more eyebrows.

Taylor and their kids were left without WiFi, television, and water after Shumpert turned off the utilities in their house, according to a recent TMZ story. According to the story, Shumpert was not financially supporting his children, and Taylor was pursuing legal action to get him to pay child support. To set the record straight, Taylor turned to her Instagram Story and criticized TMZ, calling their claim “misleading. Taylor stressed that the TMZ article did not accurately depict her circumstances because the blog failed to report the utilities’ restoration that same day, making the situation appear worse than it was.

Taylor is fed up. She implored the publication to present the complete truth rather than just excerpts. Taylor further asked that the media “mind their damn business” and respect the privacy of her and her family. She expressed her frustration with the media’s intrusion into her personal life and urged them to focus on more important matters. Taylor also reiterated her commitment to protecting the well-being of her children and assured her followers that she would do whatever it takes to provide for them.

“Yo @tmz you serious????”  “Y’all really be taking it too far with these d*mn misleading headlines and I’m tired of it! Every time I turn around it’s either half leaked and made up stories, or words being twisted up for clickbait!!!!”

“SHOW IT ALL & COME CORRECT!!! Stop taking bits and pieces and putting 10’s on 2’s!”

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