Stefflon Don Takes Swipe At Men And Relationships

The well-known British rapper and musician Stefflon Don has discussed her views on relationships and men. Stefflon’s followers responded well to her personal experiences and opinions that she shared on social media. Stefflon Don shared a picture online that appeared to be a covert jab at Burna Boy. The gorilla is a well-known emblem connected to Burna Boy’s artistic abilities and his moniker, “African Giant.” When Burna Boy’s album “The Play” was released, this post was seen as a calculated dig at her former partner.

Many linked her post to her previous, passionate but ultimately toxic romance with Grammy winner Burna Boy. Fans responded quickly, with some urging Stefflon Don to put the broken relationship behind him. Moreover, there was controversy in November 2022 when it was said that Stefflon Don had broken up with Burna Boy because they weren’t happy with their personal lives. Later on, she made it clear that these statements were untrue and weren’t made by her.

She made the point that while many guys are always looking for a good lady, they find it difficult to know what to do with her once they have her. She had written the following in a post that has apparently been taken down:

“Men say they want a good woman but don’t know what to do with it when they’ve got one.”

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