TG Omori Discusses The Interesting Details Of The “Feel” Video With Davido

In terms of Nigerian music, Davido is unquestionably well-known. “Feel” is one of the year’s biggest songs, and it can be found on his Timeless album. However, renowned music video director TG Omori brought the story to reality. In a recent interview with CNN, Omori talked about how excited he was to work with Davido for the first time.

Omori claims that the experience on set has been unpredictable. However, with his newfound vigor, the singer has gotten into the needed set character. The filmmaker explained that he wanted to use “Feel” to present a potent love narrative that would resonate significantly and deeply with viewers when asked how the video would come out.

Asa Asika, Davido’s manager and longtime friend, was also seen on the set, ensuring everything went as planned.

Before this little teaser, Davido had bragged about this music video in a radio interview, revealing it was the most expensive visual in Nigeria’s history. And with how steeply TG charges these days, OBO’s story won’t be a tough reality to believe.

Before this, Omori came under fire for claiming to be “bigger” than every other music video director. Of course, you can’t blame the man for having an ego that enormous when insane success has been in his corner lately.

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