The “Monotonía” Video With Ozuna Features Shakira Guarding Her Heart

Shakira, who announced her separation from Gerard Piqué earlier this year, collaborated with Ozuna on the song “Monotonía,” which was published on Wednesday. The Colombian singer appears to make a reference to her divorce from Piqué in the new song.

She is shown in the footage minding her own business while snack shopping when she unexpectedly runs across an old flame played by Ozuna. Her ex-lover shoots her in the chest during their encounter. Despite the tragic event, she manages to care after her missing heart despite having people step on it in the street, demonstrating strength even in the face of severe heartbreak.

For several days, the “Hips Don’t Lie” performer teased the song’s release by posting videos of herself performing the track’s lyrics aloud, including “No fue culpa tuya/Ni tampoco m’a/Fue culpa de la monotonía.” (“It wasn’t your fault nor mine/It was monotony’s fault.)

Shakira also debuted the video’s trailer, which features the singer in sunglasses at a supermarket with Rauw Alejandro’s song “Te Felicito” playing in the background. She posted a video of the single’s cover art, which depicts the song’s title in front of a heart with a sword through it, on Instagram. Ozuna posted, “A small king with a super queen.” Shakira is pictured holding what appears to be a human heart in another post.

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