Tiago PZK and Co. Unveil a Mega Hit, Marking a Historic Event in Argentine Music

In a groundbreaking event in the history of Argentine music, Tiago PZK, at the pinnacle of his career, has joined forces with LIT killah, Duki, María Becerra, Emilia, Rusherking, FMK, and Big One to release a new single, “Los Del Espacio”. The song, released by Warner Music Group, is set to become a blockbuster hit, showcasing the collective talents of these successful recording artists.Tiago Pzk And Co. Unveil A Mega Hit, Marking A Historic Event In Argentine Music, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

The inception of “Los Del Espacio” took place during the quarantine period when LIT killah proposed that they move into a house together in the Nuñez neighborhood, in the heart of Buenos Aires. This unique living arrangement led to the creation of music under the same roof, resulting in memorable hits that have gained international recognition.

The fusion of these artists’ talents was made possible by the guidance and vision of producer Ismael Real, also known as Big One. His industry experience and ability to unite different talents were instrumental in the creation of this project.

In addition to the single’s release, an audiovisual documentary delving into the history and background of this collaboration has been confirmed. The documentary will provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and will feature a revealing interview by journalist Julio Leiva, host of Argentina’s popular chat program Caja Negra.

Tiago PZK is currently working on new music for this year. His recent duet with TINI, “Me Enteré,” is topping charts in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Peru, Paraguay, and other markets. His hit sophomore album, Portales Deluxe, released in March, contains seven new songs, including the hit single “Que Se Parezca A Ti,” a chart-topping smash on radio in Argentina that also has become his first #1 on the Pop Charts in Mexico.

The return of “Los Del Espacio” represents a significant event in Argentine music and promises to leave a lasting impression on fans throughout Latin America. This collaboration is a clear indication of the evolution of the music scene in Argentina, and it will be interesting to see how this group of artists continues to shape the industry in the future.


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