Tory Lanez & The Game Meet Up In a Kitchen

Tory Lanez and The Game have both started their 2022 with making the rounds in various tabloid story headlines.

Lately for Tory, he has been going back and forth on had social media with former love interest, Megan Thee Stallion, who he has been accused of shooting in the foot back in 2021. He was also on the headlines for hanging with Justin Bieber in the stu, apparently working on new music together.

For The Game, on the other hand, he recently released a new single, Eazy, with Ye in February. He also made it to the headlines for his comments about the comparison he drew up about Ye’s huge help to his career which way more than he could say for Dr. Dre.

Now, it would seem as though the two controversial rappers have both taken a shine to each other, as seen from a video of them that recently surfaced, where the pair can be seen goofing around in a kitchen, with Tory bringing The Game a plate of pasta, although the location remained undisclosed.

Tory and The Game have never really collaborated on music, but it is also very foreseeable. Very easy to imagine a song that would have Tory singing a melodic hook leaving the verse(s) to The Game who is sure to deliver flames in the form of hot bars.

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