Viral Ad for Imaginary Drink ‘Eluu P’ Sparks Interest Among Nigerians

A comical and clever commercial for Eluu P, a non-existent beverage brand, has gone viral on social media. Despite the fact that there is no such product in the market and no company plans to introduce such a drink, the advertisement has left many Nigerians impressed and entertained.

The commercial features three different Eluu P drinks in green and red cans: 74, 75, and 76. The Eluu P 74 drink featured in the advertisement is produced with orange, the Eluu P 75 drink with strawberries, and the Eluu P 76 drink with apples.Viral Ad For Imaginary Drink 'Eluu P' Sparks Interest Among Nigerians, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

The advertising went viral after a video surfaced of Stephen Muoka jokingly counting Labour Party (LP) votes as ‘Eluu P’ during the presidential election in support of Peter Obi.

Many Nigerians complimented the advertisement’s inventiveness and intelligence on social media, with some showing interest in the distribution business. However, others have expressed concerns about the product’s quality and the usage of the Eluu P name in combination with something of poor quality.

Despite the fact that the product does not exist, some Nigerians have recommended that the individual who came up with the idea for Eluu P 75 be appointed as the product’s ambassador.

The viral commercial has received much attention on social media, with many Nigerians complimenting on the advertisement’s humor and inventiveness. Some people have also expressed pleasure in their country’s ability to generate creative and innovative ideas.

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