Wizkid’s Jada Pollock Reveals Her Favorite Place In Nigeria

The Afrobeat sensation Wizkid’s manager and babymama, Jada Pollock, has revealed her passion for Nigeria. Additionally, she mentioned that Abuja was her favorite location in the West African nation. According to Pollock, she feels at home in Nigeria because of the country’s diverse culture and friendly hospitality. She admired Abuja’s beautiful architecture, calm environment, and the welcome she met while visiting.

In a widely shared Tik-Tok video, Jada Pollock talked about her experiences in Nigeria while sitting comfortably in what appeared to be a cinema with other people. She talked about what she wanted and said that, since coming to Nigeria, Abuja has been her favorite location. Pollock revealed that Abuja’s striking architecture and dynamic culture enthralled her, and she always felt that visiting there was a very enriching experience.

A part of her statement said,

 ‘My favorite place is Abuja, and I definitely want to visit there; everyone tells me it’s boring, but…’

Her comment got reactions from people seated in the cinema and even online, who expressed their varying opinions.



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