YE Has Demanded For Apology From Billie Eilish Over Jab at Travis Scott During Concert

Kanye West demands an apology from Billie Eilish following her comments during her show after she stopped her performance to make sure a fan in the crowd was catered to.

Kanye West and Billie Eilish are both on the bill for Coachella. Ye is now holding up his end until after Eilish has issued an apology to Travis Scott.

At a recent show, Eilish stopped to make sure a fan who reportedly couldn’t breathe was doing fine. According to Complex, Eilish said, “I wait for people to be OK until I keep going.”

Citing that reference, Eilish is calling out Scott for the Astroworld Festival tragedies, where the rapper continued his performance, seemingly disregarding the outcries of fans who were trampled upon as the show went on.

Upon hearing the words, Kanye headed straight for Instagram, bearing a message for Eilish.

“Come on Billie we love you,” Ye wrote. “Please apologize to Trav and to the families of people who lost their lives no one intended this to happen.”

Ye added, “Trav didn’t have any idea of what was happening when he was on stage and was very hurt by what happened and yes Trav will be with me at Coachella.

Coming to the end of the post, Ye asked for an apology. “Now I need Billie to apologize before I perform.”

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