Fans Debate Why Kendrick Lamar Removed “Meet The Grahams” Cover Art For Streaming Release

Kendrick Lamar, the American rapper, songwriter, and record producer, recently dropped his much-anticipated diss track “Meet the Grahams” on various streaming services, taking a direct shot at fellow rapper Drake. However, fans were quick to notice that the cover artwork had been changed from its original version. The original artwork was rumoured to have been stolen from a suitcase belonging to Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, who used to be a musician himself. The cover featured a glove, Ozempic, receipts, and more, but Lamar stripped it down, leaving only an all-black cover. Fans have discussed the reason for the change in the cover artwork. Some suggest that Lamar realized some aspects of the original artwork, such as the prescription bottle and “shortee” shirt, were fake. Others believe that the change was made because Apple Music and Spotify do not allow stolen property to appear as cover art without permission.

One Drake fan took to Twitter to comment on the situation, claiming that Lamar removed the original cover because he realized that it contained fake items and replaced it with an all-black cover, giving Drake an advantage. The post quickly went viral, prompting Twitter to add a community note that highlighted the guidelines of Apple Music and Spotify, which prohibit the use of someone else’s private property as a cover photo without permission.

Lamar’s response to Drake’s “Family Matters” track included two songs, “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us,” both of which were released less than 24 hours apart. Fans have been eagerly dissecting the lyrics, as Lamar’s bars are particularly biting and direct, taking aim at Drake’s personal life, career, and past feuds. Lamar’s aim is to reclaim his title as the best rapper in the game, and it seems that Drake has his work cut out for him. This feud between the two rappers has been going on since March, when Lamar joined up on the release of “Like That,” and it has since escalated with the release of several diss tracks, such as “Push Ups,” “Euphoria,” and more. Fans are eagerly awaiting Drake’s response to Lamar’s latest tracks, as the feud has become one of the most talked-about subjects in the world of hip-hop.

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