Yo Gotti’s Mom Allegedly In The Car During Shooting That Killed Her Son Big Jook

According to reports, Yo Gotti’s mother witnessed the incident that claimed her son Anthony “Big Jook” Mims’ life. An update claims that Geraldine Mims was on the cusp of losing her life during the incident and would have had she not run away. On Sunday, January 14, someone purportedly having insight into the issue took to social media to provide fresh information about the shooting. The source claimed that Yo Gotti’s mother was in the car with her son, Big Jook, right before the latter was shot and died. Shortly after attending the funeral of Eric Eugene Bovan, a loved one, on Saturday, January 13, Big Jook and one other unnamed fellow were shot, and he (Big Jook) was killed.

It was approximately 4:15 p.m. when an officer in the vicinity of 6385 Winchester Road heard several gunshots. The officer discovered two individuals who had sustained several gunshot wounds when he arrived. After being taken to St. Francis Hospital, Big Jook passed away, while the condition of the other male victim was stable. According to a witness at the site, the shooting was carried out by suspects in a white SUV. Surveillance footage recorded the picture of the suspected car. For now, no one has been taken into custody. However, the car is described as a white Ford Explorer with dark-tinted windows and black wheels.

The person in the video, which has circulated online, said,

“They almost killed Yo Gotti’s momma. I want y’all to know that part,”

“When they got to shooting and dude ran up and started busting everything like that and getting Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s momma opened up the door and ran away.”

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