Yul Edochie Hits Back At His Online Critics

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has publicly expressed his nonchalance over the everyday insults and criticism he receives almost on a daily from internet trolls.

For a couple of months now, Yul has been the subject of criticism and hot takes on social media because of his second marriage to Nollywood actress, Judy Austin. Yul has now addressed these issues in a recent engaging interview with White Pearl Studios TV.

He boldly shared his disregard for the critiques, making clear his decision to ignore the barrage of unfavorable remarks that continue to flood his social media pages. Following Yul’s public announcement of his relationship with Judy Austin and the birth of their kid, the controversy surrounding his marriage multiplied.

The actor became the target of a wide range of harsh comments and critiques on social media. However, in the new interview, Yul Edochie brazenly stated that he does not bother reading the derogatory remarks about his personal life, claiming that he is unaffected by the online hate.

Further speaking, Edochie said he had no reason to feel concerned about online banter over his name, seeing as he is a full-grown 41-year-old. And that age, he said wouldn’t be caught dead receiving life advice from folks in their twenties.

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