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Bobrisky Basic Information

Stage Name: Bobrisky
Real Name: Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju
Occupation: Social Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: August 31, 1991 (32) Years Old
Place of Birth: Ebute Matta, Lagos
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: King’s High School, Lagos

Okota High School, Lagos

University of Lagos

Height: 1.65 m
Net Worth: $3.125M

Bobrisky Biography

Bobrisky is a Nigerian transgender lady and LGBT personality. She is also well-known for her involvement on the social media platforms Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. She went viral on TikTok for inventing the “bobrisky dance” in 2021. Bobrisky received her secondary school education at both King’s High School in Lagos and Okota High School in Lagos, and she later studied and graduated with a BSc Accounting from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) in Nigeria.

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Bobrisky’s father was a polygamist who had three wives. Bobrisky’s father supported her in making the correct decision for himself and had no issue with his way of life. That’s all the information available for her father.


Bobrisky’s mother’s name has not been publicized. At first, her mother did not embrace Bobrisky’s feminine side. In multiple interviews, Bobrisky said that she had once dispatched “hoodlums to manhandle” her. She did, however, embrace her child for who she was before she passed away in 2008.


There is no information available about her siblings.


Bobrisky does not have a spouse as she is yet to get married.


When Bobrisky posted pictures of her impending wedding to an unnamed man on Snapchat, Nigerian online users were shocked. Although the male figure’s face was covered in a heart sticker in the photo, Eddie Melton, an American senator, was later identified as the person in the picture. When the man’s identity was revealed, it became obvious that Bobrisky was misleading everyone about her wedding. Suffice to say Bobrisky is not yet married.


Net Worth

Bobrisky, who has a net worth of almost $3.125 million US, is undoubtedly one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria. The internet star has a successful cosmetic brand that sells skin-lightening goods. She has been a popular target for businesses looking to advertise their brands online due to her popularity on the internet. Additionally, she has made appearances in various paid commercials.


Bobrisky is seemingly enjoying life to the fullest. He not only resides in a mansion but also has a number of expensive vehicles, including an 8.5 million naira Mercedes-Benz ML500.


In Lagos, Bobriky is the owner of various homes and investments. He just purchased a multimillion naira home in Pinnock Beach Estate in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos State, she recently revealed to fans on her official social media page.

Shortly after he announced his most recent accomplishment, Bobrisky’s mansion sparked debate because he claimed that his new house cost 400 million naira. Bobrisky’s home reportedly features pricey custom-made interior design and furnishings, such as a massive leather headboard.

Before Fame

Bobrisky’s path to becoming a complete lady has seen her gradually transform her physical appearance. Her photos prior to the transition depict her as manly and dark-skinned. The Nigerian transgender underwent gender reassignment surgery in Dubai in 2019. This is one of the daring actions Bobrisky has made to entirely transform her appearance.

She had to take a break from social media in order to recover from surgery. Bobrisky now has the appearance of an elegant brown-skinned lady, thanks to the use of expensive makeup, skin whitening treatments, and plastic surgery.

Bobrisky, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

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