Nate Diaz

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Nate Diaz Basic Information

Stage Name:Nate Diaz
Real Name:Nathan Donald Diaz
Occupation:Mixed martial artist
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:Stockon, California, United States
Marital Status:Married (to Misty Brown)
Education:Tokay High School
Height:1.83 m
Net Worth:$8 million

Nate Diaz Biography

Some people know what they want from when they were little, and they don’t stop until they achieve just that. That is actually the reality of the life of American mixed martial artist pro, Nate Diaz.

He was raised by a single mother alongside two other siblings. The lure of the art for which he is famous today was so strong that he opted to be a part of the sport despite the risks involved.

That decision turned out vitally important and life-changing for him, as he is today world famous and


Nate Diaz’s immediate family comprises himself his wife Misty Brown, and their two children, the youngest of whom he reportedly had last year (2022). For whatever reason, Nate Diaz is pretty circumspect about sharing details of his family with the public.

Nate Diaz, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023


Of Nate Diaz’s parents, only his mother had featured the most in his life. Anyway, details about both parents are given below.


Nate Daiz’s father was a man known as Robert Diaz. He didn’t feature much in his children’s life and his kids were raised alone by his wife


Nate and his siblings were raised by a single mother known as Mellisa Diaz. It was never easy having to provide for the kids herself. But she managed to stick it out until her children were grown.


The celebrated mixed martial artist is not an only child. He is known to have a brother and a sister. Details about these siblings are given in the sections below.


Nate’s only known brother is Nick Diaz, who happens to have been a mixed martial artist as well until his retirement from professional mixed martial arts at UFC 266 on September 25, 2021. It was a retirement many had not seen coming and were therefore shocked to hear about.


Nate is known to have only one sister, a lady known as Nina Diaz. She is younger than her mixed martial artist brother.


In 2018, exactly two years after Nate and Misty got married, they welcome their first child together, a daughter whom they named Nikayla Diaz. the couple is rumoured to have welcomed another child in 2022.


Nate Diaz is not only married, but he is also happy to have a very supportive wife in Misty Brown. It’s been almost two decades of friendship for the couple, who first met when Diaz played football and Misty was in the stands to cheer. While Diaz may have come off as a mean guy, his wife has the following to say about him, verbatim:

“It’s wrong that he comes off as the middle finger mean guy that you can’t have a conversation with, when deep down inside he’s one of the most passionate people I’ve met.”

Nate Diaz, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023


Nate Diaz loves life but would never forget his roots. So, much of the lifestyle many see him display today is rooted in his past and lessons gleaned from the same.

Net Worth

Nate Diaz is doing pretty well as a mixed martial artist. And while he would rarely be found bragging about how much he makes how much he is worth, the public is more than happy to speculate and throw figures all over the place. According to estimates, Nate has a net worth of $8 million.


Nate Diaz has not only made cool sums from his profession as a mixed martial artist, but he has also invested in some cool rides as well. Multiple reports indicate he owns several cars, including a Tesla Model S, a Chevrolet Suburban, and a Ford F-150 Raptor.


A good home is one of the best investments out there because, when everything else fails, there is at least a place to go to, without worrying about the spectre of a landlord’s howls for rent. Well, Nate Diaz knew the importance of a home and had invested accordingly.

Nate diaz grew up in Stockton and made it a point to have a home there. The pad was valued at about $430k (2022).

Nate Diaz, Yours Truly, People, December 11, 2023


Records are more like mirrors into how well – or badly – an athlete had done during a period or the course of their career. They also give insights into the athlete’s potential. Diaz’s record is extensive, but the table below would give an idea of it.


Sep 10, 2022Tony FergusonUFC 279W21/3069/1759/910121710121746.54%070%40%100%
Jun 12, 2021Leon EdwardsUFC 263L12/1746/1238/121302237616258.30%076%40%67%
Nov 2, 2019Jorge MasvidalUFC 244L9/1622/722/31251944310464.43%057%31%89%
Aug 17, 2019Anthony PettisUFC 241W10/1440/921/320530611420166.99%170%55%67%
Aug 20, 2016Conor McGregorUFC 202L23/3756/1749/1625243516634357.93%070%42%56%
Mar 5, 2016Conor McGregorUFC 196W6/1053/1153/8891697715252.66%069%50%38%
Dec 19, 2015Michael JohnsonUFC on FoxW7/13130/26811/1415730415330051.64%054%50%79%
Dec 13, 2014Rafael Dos AnjosUFC Fight NightL1/511/970/1511451310435.17%020%12%0%
Nov 30, 2013Gray MaynardThe Ultimate Fighter 18 FinaleW2/213/310/03456335560.71%083%57%0%
Apr 20, 2013Josh ThomsonUFC on FoxL0/414/591/14094217442.55%029%26%100%
Dec 8, 2012Benson HendersonUFC on FoxL0/45/480/095160308359.38%067%15%100%
May 5, 2012Jim MillerUFC on FoxW4/718/601/197154469862.99%061%39%100%
Dec 30, 2011Donald CerroneUFC 141W29/37197/3062/226039123836266.50%082%63%100%
Sep 24, 2011Takanori GomiUFC 135W0/034/710/04281367351.85%1100%48%0%
Apr 30, 2011Rory MacDonaldUFC 129L1/67/260/372112266264.29%050%30%59%
Jan 1, 2011Dong Hyun KimUFC 125L5/710/511/281138368558.70%083%33%67%
Aug 28, 2010Marcus DavisUFC 118W9/1471/2885/71223589432834.08%056%25%75%
Mar 27, 2010Rory MarkhamUFC 111W1/111/322/25484346064.29%1100%51%100%
Jan 11, 2010Gray MaynardUFC Fight NightL7/1948/20912/15772597025129.73%041%23%80%
Sep 16, 2009Melvin GuillardUFC Fight NightW0/113/612/32779217334.18%067%21%80%
Jun 20, 2009Joe StevensonThe Ultimate Fighter 9 FinaleL0/12/182/2588662967.44%00%15%100%
Jan 31, 2009Clay GuidaUFC 94L4/732/1090/1701584913544.30%064%32%75%
Sep 17, 2008Josh NeerUFC Fight NightW1/62/161/1114157407272.61%068%45%100%
Apr 2, 2008Kurt PellegrinoUFC Fight NightW0/00/100/0284161768.29%0100%0%80%
Jan 23, 2008Alvin RobinsonUFC Fight NightW0/01/20/025303883.33%00%38%0%
Sep 19, 2007Junior AssuncaoUFC Fight NightW0/01/10/02528101189.29%10%86%100%
Jun 23, 2007Manvel GamburyanThe Ultimate Fighter 5 FinaleW0/12/40/056602593.33%00%50%0%
Jun 20, 2007Gray MaynardThe Ultimate Fighter 5 SemifinalW
Oct 11, 2006Hermes FrancaWEC 24L
Aug 11, 2006Dennis DavisWC 1W0/00/00/0000000%0%0%
Jun 14, 2006Joe HurleyWEC 21W
May 4, 2006Gilbert RaelWEC 20W
Mar 9, 2006Tony JuarezStrikeforceW
Aug 26, 2005Koji OishiPancraseL0/00/00/0000000%0%0%
Oct 20, 2004Alejandro GarciaWEC 12W



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