• Genre: K-Pop
    • Date: 16 Sep, 2022
    • Content: explicit
    • Region: USA
    • Track(s): 9
  • ℗ 2022 YG Entertainment, distributed through Interscope Records

Blackpink is back with its highly anticipated sophomore album, Born Pink, marking the group’s sixth year together. The Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa quartet demonstrates the advantages of being one of the greatest names in K-Pop. Blackpink also dabbles in bubblegum pop and alt-pop, an uncharted territory for the foursome, although what fans (BLINKs) have grown to know and love from the group still shines through.

Blackpink’s second phase, Born Pink, solidifies the group’s influence not just in South Korea but also internationally. By experimenting with new sounds instead of staying stagnant by adhering to the previously successful formula, the four demonstrate actual artistic growth.

Album Cover Art

Blackpink &Quot;Born Pink&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 1, 2024

On the simple album cover, two pink (with a little touch of white) pointy and curved images pierce through the top left and right corners of the photo. They both seem to be doing nothing but bringing in some aesthetics while carrying out the major function of pointing toward the girl group’s name and album title which are inscribed almost in the same space, which is probably a way of making an introduction or bringing what is written to notice.

Tracks and Features

The sounds from their earlier work are discernible in “Pink Venom.” Over the plunking twang of strings, a subtle but rising Blackpink chant serves as a foundation for the chorus’ promiscuous thumping. The song’s jumble of disparate, clashing musical genres rapidly makes it seem disconnected. Jinsoo and Rose contribute impressively powerful vocals, and Lisa and Jennie swagger across the beat as they effortlessly offer the proper amount of energy to elevate the song despite everything. The record becomes much better after that, but it has already been a pop smash.

In “Typa Girl,” a music box sound is sampled over crisp finger snapping, which is abruptly interrupted by the conclusion of a damaged record and then pivots into a strong, pop-driven beat. A lighthearted addition to the already heavy bass line are sirens and a zooting kazoo. Even though the song has a great beat, the words are bad and don’t add much to the music.

The song “Shut Down” is proof of how far the group has progressed in terms of sophistication. They deftly combine the complex and pointed notes of the lively strings to break through the drop bass introduction as the four members serve verses that hop and pop across the song. The punchy and tight lyrics have room to breathe thanks to the heavy bass, which also lengthens the tempo. This song embodies the BLACKPINK sound that fans have come to expect while also evoking the chilled swagger of their sister group, 2NE1.

The album’s remaining tracks go in a more somber and rock-oriented direction. A welcome departure from Blackpink’s harsh pop sound is “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” It demonstrates the group’s versatility by evoking a well-known alt-pop riff and overlaying it with a forceful synth. The alt-pop blend brings back feelings of carefree adolescence. The song “Hard To Love” takes a similar tack but emphasizes the vocal prowess that isn’t frequently heard in the group’s singles. With its coarser voice and twangier industrial sound, “Tally” has an edge that evokes vulnerability.

The mellow song “The Happiest Girl” finest highlights each member’s singing and harmonizing skills. The evolution of the group adds additional layer when mellow piano chords are combined with harmonious chords. The album’s final track, “Ready for Love,” brightens the mood with a tropical, dreamy EDM tempo to pump the beat.





1 Pink Venom 3:06
2 Shut Down 2:55
3 Typa Girl 2:59
4 Yeah Yeah Yeah 2:58
5 Hard To Love 2:42
6 The Happiest Girl 3:42
7 Tally 3:04
8 Ready For Love 3:04

Album Theme

The eight-song collection, aptly titled “Born Pink,” is the product of confidence, wildness, and their vast musical experience.

Production Credits

24, IDO (KOR), Paro, R.Tee & Teddy Park produced the album.


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