Seyi Vibez “Thy Kingdom Come” Album Review

Thy Kingdom Come

Seyi Vibez

  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 23 Jun, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 10
  • ℗ 2023 Vibez Inc / Dvpper Music

Seyi Vibez “Thy Kingdom Come” Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

Seyi Vibez has released four projects in just eight months, a testament to his confidence and momentum. However, with his latest album, he truly shines, displaying unwavering belief in his talent. Only a week after the release of ‘Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come’ (VTTKC), Seyi Vibez has surprised his growing fan base with yet another album, fulfilling his promise of delivering the kingdom.

Seyi Vibes’ latest album, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, showcases his talent as he explores Apala music at a new level. The project aims to find a balance that propels his music and brand after drawing comparisons to Asake, who made waves with his fusion of Amapiano, Hip Hop, and Fuji music. Seyi Vibez is determined to establish his brand as unique and independent from mainstream rules. He showcases this through his music and spontaneous releases. In his latest work, “Thy Kingdom Come,” Seyi Vibez confidently declares himself as the man of the year and intends to move past the rivalry that launched him into mainstream fame. This artistically mature approach shows that Seyi Vibez is more than a worthy contender.

Album Art

Seyi Vibez “Thy Kingdom Come” Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, June 23, 2024

The Album Art for Seyi Vibez portrays a captivating image of the artist lost in deep contemplation. The dimly lit church room provides a serene backdrop, allowing for a more intimate and reflective atmosphere. Seyi Vibez adopts a pose that suggests a deep level of meditation as if he is in a state of deep supplication and gratefulness. It’s clear that the artist has had a long journey to get to this point, and this image represents only the beginning of his path. The art beautifully captures Seyi’s innermost thoughts and emotions, creating a deeply engaging and thought-provoking image.

Tracks And Features

The album consists of ten tracks, starting with “Man Of The Year.” SV confidently flaunts his success while paying tribute to his loved ones, supporters, and audience with heartfelt speeches, good vibes, and exceptional music.

Seyi Vibez’s style has brought him great success, and he proudly celebrates it. His music is reminiscent of traditional Fuji artists, and he documents his achievements while enjoying the company of different women. He takes pride in bringing honour to his family and pays tribute to his late mother in a vulnerable moment, all infused with the beat of log drums and confident flows. The artist’s music reflects his indigenous roots, blending Apala and Fuji melodies into his Amapiano style. In his upbeat track “Professor,” he showcases a pop-inspired variation of his Fuji interlude from “VTTKC,” where he skillfully merges the techniques of Fuji legends Pasuma, Remi Aluko, and Malaika into a unique hybrid sound.

A remarkable feature of the music produced by this artist is the implementation of the call-and-response technique in the captivating and tuneful track “Hushpuppi,” which highlights his Apala musical influences. Additionally, in “Migos,” the percussion arrangement, flow structure, and overall composition resemble the style of Fuji music. At the same time, the artist employs the same crassness typical of Fuji performers while boasting about his talents.

Seyi Vibez’s music is a unique fusion of Amapiano and Apala, as seen in his song ‘Trumpet’. This record blends street energy seamlessly with mainstream sound, setting him apart from other artists. Despite his fame and success, Seyi Vibez remains true to his roots and openly shares his less glamorous side. In ‘VTTKC’, he opens up about his laptop addiction, while ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ delves into the topic of IRS and tax returns. It’s easy to guess what this song is about.

Regarding his musical style, he upholds a unique street atmosphere by employing vocal manipulations and arrangements, which have remained constant throughout his four projects. Moreover, his religious upbringing is apparent in his incorporation of Arabic terms in songs such as ‘HushPuppi’ and allusions to himself as a child of God.

The most remarkable characteristic of ‘TKC’ is undoubtedly Seyi Vibez’s Apala Influence, which can be heard in every track of the album. This unique style is present even in Pop and Swing records, showcasing the artist’s dedication to embracing and promoting this genre. Seyi Vibez seems to have intentionally chosen to incorporate the Apala Influence in his music to advance his career. After releasing two albums and an EP, he understands that his audience may have already formed opinions about his work. For this reason, he believes there is no need to appeal to those reluctant to listen by adding progressive elements. Instead, he remains authentic to his artistry and delivers a consistent sound that his fans have come to appreciate.

It may seem like Seyi Vibe has committed to incorporating Apala into his music, but this should not be interpreted as a departure from his mainstream focus or his roots in the streets. He continues to produce a distinctly South Eastern sound, as evidenced by his latest release, ‘Highlife’, which features one of the most prominent Igbo artists of the past ten years. Additionally, Seyi has collaborated with South African star Ami Faku to expand his reach to audiences beyond his core fanbase.

Seyi Vibez concludes his listening journey with the song “All The Time”. Throughout the album, he impresses listeners with his dedication and musical talent, seamlessly blending street language and Yoruba. Whether referencing the wealth of Nigerian billionaires or comparing himself to world-famous figures like Messi and Burna Boy, Seyi Vibez draws inspiration from diverse sources. He even incorporates elements of Fuji music and pays homage to legends like Ayinde Marshall. Seyi Vibez proves himself a truly versatile artist with his creative expression and musical depth.


1 Man of the Year 2:24
2 Professor 2:09
3 Hushpuppi 2:42
4 Karma 2:34
5 Migos 2:21
6 Highlife Interlude (feat. Phyno) 2:20
7 Trumpet 2:45
8 Flakky 2:18
9 Loml (feat. Ami Faku) 2:36
10 All the Time 2:23

Album Summary

Seyi Vibez proudly showcases his musical identity in his album ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ while striving to maintain its core elements. The outcome is a masterpiece that surpasses his previous musical endeavours in depth and complexity.

Seyi Vibez has impressed fans with his artistic growth, thanks to his collaboration with talented producer Yo Dips. Despite releasing four projects in just eight months, Seyi Vibez has managed to keep his listeners engaged and excited with the release of two albums within two weeks of each other, which is a rare feat for a Nigerian mainstream artist.

It’s common for international artists like Future, Drake, and NBA Youngboy to drop full-length albums quickly. However, it’s essential to consider the context. The Nigerian music industry still doesn’t have a strong streaming market for such releases, especially when consumers are increasingly spending on other services in a growing industry.


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