Dave East “30 For 30” Album Review

30 For 30

Dave East & Cruch Calhoun

  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Date: 30 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 FTD / ROSELLE USA / The Testing Room

Dave East &Quot;30 For 30&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

Rapper Dave East from New York and rapper Cruch Calhoun from New Jersey have collaborated on a new album in 2023. The record, titled 30 for 30, was made available on November 30th. J. Stone and Lyrivelli da Don are featured on the album. Cruch Calhoun and Dave East’s “30 for 30” is a grim account of their upbringing, overcoming obstacles, and success in the rap industry. The lyrics, which have their origins in Harlem and Roselle, USA, discuss issues of survival, devotion, and pursuing achievement. The record displays Dave East’s and Cruch Calhoun’s unadulterated narrative prowess.

Every song presents a different angle on their travels, emphasizing the obstacles they encountered and the tenacity that kept them moving forward. “30 for 30” is a testament to their skill and commitment to their craft, featuring powerful beats and thought-provoking lyrics. The artists share their reflections on their travels, touching on subjects including family, the difficulties they encountered, and street life. The song’s lyrics also highlight values like remaining loyal to oneself, putting one’s head down, and remaining strong in the face of difficulty. Their lives are vividly depicted in the songs, which also highlight their tenacity and resolve in pursuing their goals.

Album Art

Dave East &Quot;30 For 30&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024

The album art sees the prolific duo in what looks like a college basketball locker room as they pose for the camera, with Dave holding a basketball and standing on a bench, while Crunch makes a sign and shows his street cred. The vibrant colors and energetic poses capture the dynamic essence of their music. The inclusion of the basketball and street signs hints at the diverse influences that shape their unique sound.

Tracks And Features

With “30 for 30,” the album’s title track, Dave and Crunch get right into it. The lyrics feature themes of gangsterism and street cred as the pair shares tales of their experiences living on the streets while pursuing their livelihood. They also make references to their affection for their family and their relationships with drug-related pleasures. The raw and gritty storytelling in “30 for 30” sets the tone for the entire album, showcasing Dave and Crunch’s unapologetic approach to their music. Through their lyrics, they paint a vivid picture of the challenges and sacrifices they’ve faced while navigating the streets, giving listeners a glimpse into their world. As the album progresses, these themes continue to evolve, offering a deeper understanding of their experiences and the complexities of their lives.

With its rap elements, wordplay, punchlines, and themes of life on the streets and how they’ve held their own, “Shouts To Me” is another sizzling hip-hop jam. The duo sends a shoutout to influences who have shaped their growth thus far, and most importantly, they shout out to themselves for learning lessons from the mess. The song represents their sincere appreciation. The song “Shouts to Me” demonstrates how well the two can combine engaging melodies and upbeat sounds with their own life experiences. The song highlights their path from adversity to achievement and is a monument to their tenacity and will. It serves as a potent reminder of the value of introspection and gratitude when faced with difficulties.

“All I Need” features the opening lyrics to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s song “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” They rap in their own way and demonstrate their storytelling and wordsmithing prowess with a precise delivery. themes of relationships, love, and living in Vegas. The song “All I Need” eloquently displays the indisputable synergy between Beyoncé and Jay-Z, resulting in a smooth and harmonious musical experience. They explore the highs and lows that come with love and relationships, delving into their complexity through their songs. The song’s main plot is further enhanced by the track, which offers a glimpse into the glitzy and fast-paced lifestyle of Las Vegas.

With Mike & Keys, “How It Feels” is the first joint effort. The group lays down their opinions about being authentic on the blistering hip-hop hit, and they do it with amazing delivery. The words that are spoken are strong and thought-provoking. Here, Dave East and company created a true song with non-musical influences. The unadulterated feelings expressed in “How It Feel” strike a deep chord with listeners, demonstrating the artists’ capacity for meaningful connection. This partnership is proof of the transformational potential of true self-expression and extends beyond just entertainment.

Buda & Grant join the duo in “On Sight.” The opening sequence is a well-composed arrangement of melodic trap music. There’s a lot of slick talking and braggadocios in the lyricism, and the group combine for a fine showing of hip-hop that sees them share their perspectives on life on the streets and the rise to fame. The energetic chemistry between Buda and Grant adds an extra layer of intensity to “On Sight,” elevating the track to new heights. Their seamless integration into the song’s production showcases their undeniable talent and further solidifies their place in the hip-hop scene. With their distinct voices and captivating storytelling, they effortlessly capture the essence of street life and offer a glimpse into their journey towards success.

J. Stone is on “Nipsey Voice.” This is a tribute track to the legendary Nipsey Hustle, who has served as an inspiration to many on the streets and in his hood that they can get out of the hood and into a better life. The group shares that having strong enemies is a blessing, as they believe it strengthens the will to survive and that they will always avoid negative energy. It also features a smaller snippet of Nipsey in an interview as he speaks on defining his contribution to the genre in the positives. The group emphasizes the importance of Nipsey’s message of hope and empowerment, highlighting how his words have resonated with those facing similar struggles. They aim to carry on his legacy by spreading positivity and encouraging others to pursue their dreams despite adversity.

Araab Muzik joins the pair on “If you know.” This song depicts several real-world settings while discussing times and seasons. The song focuses on developing extraordinary reasoning to comprehend stages and periods as well as people’s reactions to various circumstances. The clever wording and punchlines also have undertones of slick talk and braggadocio. Araab Muzik’s contribution to “If you know” improves the overall sound of the song by incorporating a distinctive hip-hop combinations. The song invites listeners to consider the various ways people deal with life’s obstacles and to reflect on their own experiences through its thought-provoking lyrics.

Lyrivelli is featured on “Won’t apologize.” The group owns their actions and raps their realities. They tell of what they believe in and how they remain resilient to making a good life for themselves. They remind naysayers that they won’t apologize for chasing their dreams and trying to make a good name. Lyrivelli’s powerful presence on “Won’t apologize” showcases their unapologetic attitude towards pursuing their dreams and creating a positive impact. Through their authentic storytelling, they inspire listeners to embrace their own aspirations and overcome any obstacles that come their way. With their unwavering determination, they encourages others to stand tall and never apologize for striving towards a better future.

“Hood Day” closes the listening journey and begins with a Dave verse. Again, storytelling is appreciated here, as the lyricism features themes of gangsterism and fraternity love as the duo salutes their hood and appreciates the love of brotherhood. They also pay respects to those they have lost as the beat plays to a fade and ends the experience. The Dave verse in “Hood Day” adds a raw and gritty element to the song as he delves into the harsh realities of gang life and the strong bond of brotherhood that exists within it. The duo’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of their neighborhood, highlighting both the struggles and the sense of unity that comes with living in such an environment. As the beat fades out, listeners are left with a profound reflection on the complexities of their own communities and the importance of cherishing those who make them memorable.


1 30 for 30 Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:17
2 Shouts to Me Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:46
3 All I Need Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:11
4 My Section Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 2:41
5 How it Feel Dave East, Cruch Calhoun & Mike & Keys 4:15
6 Yea Iight Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:15
7 On Sight Dave East, Cruch Calhoun & Buda & Grandz 4:00
8 Terminator Vs.Tookie Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 4:21
9 Nipsey Voice (feat. J. Stone) Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 4:13
10 If You Know Dave East, Cruch Calhoun & araabMUZIK 3:51
11 Like Me Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 2:38
12 Won’t Apologize (feat. Lyrivelli) Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:06
13 For Mine Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:30
14 Hood Day Dave East & Cruch Calhoun 3:33


Album Summary

Dave and Crunch put in a very commendable project that speaks their truth and showcases their mettle in the rap industry. There’s so much emotionality in the lyricism, and their delivery is exquisitely performed. The themes featured see the duo and their collaborations do justice to issues on the streets, show their street cred, and pay respects to the fallen, including the legendary Nipsey. Their project not only captures the raw essence of their personal experiences but also sheds light on the harsh realities faced by marginalized communities. With each track, Dave and Crunch effortlessly blend their unique styles, creating a powerful and thought-provoking narrative that resonates with listeners from all walks of life. Through their music, they have undoubtedly solidified their place as rising stars in the rap industry and breakout stars from their hoods.


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