King Von “Grandson” Album Review


King Von

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 14 Jul, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 17
  • ℗ 2023 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

King Von &Quot;Grandson&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024

After last year’s “What It Means To Be King,” which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 charts, this album is Von’s second posthumous release. It confirms Von’s status as a Chicago rap legend and highlights why he was poised to rule the genre before his tragic death.

Von’s enduring influence as one of his generation’s most influential storytellers is attested to in “Grandson: The Album.” It preserves his legacy and guarantees that his strong voice will continue to be heard by fans worldwide. Von continues to have a solid foundation in the Chicago drill scene and favours slow to medium-paced production with heavy bass to cover gritty and violent themes. In contrast to the current rap trends of relatively distorted and experimental mumble and SoundCloud rap styles, his precise and aggressive lyrical delivery is packed with Chicago slang. “Grandson” showcases the same intense and gritty street narratives that enthralled Von’s devoted fanbase and features guest appearances from some of Von’s esteemed peers in the street rap scene.

Album Art

King Von &Quot;Grandson&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 21, 2024

The album art was a labour of love by Von’s closest friends and those who knew him best, including his cherished mother, and it is graced with a cover featuring Von’s bling-wearing son, Dayvon Bennett Jr, who stands with folded arms as he poses for the camera. The album’s title references Von’s first mixtape, Grandson, Vol. 1, and his infamous moniker.

Tracks And Features

The album’s opening track, “Don’t Miss,” features ATL Jacob wanting a guy who has wronged him, stretched over a synth-drill instrumental. In contrast, “Real Oppy,” featuring G Herbo, finds the pair calling out snitches to accompanying pianos and hi-hats. Due to the Chopsquad DJ’s remarks about being a marksman, “Hitman” has a creepier trap vibe than “Phil Jackson,” which also features Polo G and talks about making decisions so that Scott Storch can showcase his keyboard skills and IllaDaProducer can provide the hi-hats.

However, “Robberies” has a more bare-bones trap vibe, with him admitting something isn’t right just before the end. These hi-hats are layered on top of a cinematic loop that talks about the slums of Chi-Town in the song “From the Hood,” which features Durk. “Jimmy” ominously tells the tale of the titular character knowing death is imminent as “Pressure” shifts into more orchestral territory and declares that O’Block cannot be stopped.

While “Jealous,” featuring Breezy LYN & Tink, has a dreamier instrumental from Wheezy talking about being the most real, even though Breezy’s verse punched under his weight, has a more atmospheric trap approach so they can explain that they grew up without a heart considering the cities both MCs hail from. While the moody “Think I’m a Hoe” addresses those who thought he was a bitch, the tense drill beat on “Act Up” warns detractors against acting up around him.

Then, “All We Do Is Drill” revives the Chicago drill sound once more, promising to succeed the first time they slide, and “Gangland,” starring 42 Dugg, emits a shimmering trap instrumental from the Southside, representing the lifestyle of the streets. Featuring Hotboii and Moneybagg is the song “Out of the Streets.” Even though both features are in the middle of the final song, “When I Die,” Yo has a more upbeat groove as he tries to escape the trenches alive until the “Family Dedication 2” outro powerfully foreshadows his death.

Album Summary

Von has released two posthumous full-length albums so far, and Grandson: The Album will remain in the hearts of fans. OtF channels the same energy he brought to his debut tape in a greater capacity, and the productions are tight. Compared to “What It Means to Be King,” OtF toned down the features. Many argue that King Von will rank among the worst rappers ever because he constantly sounds angry, which will surprise many of his fans. You will get chills when Von talks about sliding, robbing people, and getting out of the hood while Grandson is playing. His words feel utterly sincere, not because we haven’t heard rappers discuss s**t in this manner before but because his fans know he meant every word he spoke, which has also led to his death following gang-related issues.


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