Fridayy “Fridayy” Album Review



  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Date: 25 Aug, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 Lost In Melody, LLC / Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

On August 25th, 2023, Fridayy releases his debut album, appropriately titled “Fridayy.” This album is a thrilling voyage through a genre fusion. Fridayy’s ability to work with multiple producers is also prominent on this album. Unlike “Lost in Melody,” the new album’s production has a sonic vibe that connects with the artist’s poetry, resulting in a unified and flawless output.

With their participation, the featured artists added weight to the tracks, boosting the project’s thematic essence. “Fridayy” exemplifies an artist’s ability to authentically and deeply portray his experiences and feelings onto his music.

Album Cover Art

Fridayy &Quot;Fridayy&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

Fridayy, in a simple white singlet over a pair of grey pants, sits in the middle of the road staring into the cam with an inflated red balloon on a leash. He appears calm, sporting some iced-out pieces and showing off his chiseled arms and tattoo.

Tracks and Features

Fridayy begins with “Came Too Far,” a song performed by the Maverick City Music ensemble. This song beautifully finishes the loop in “Momma,” the final track on the Lost in Melody EP. Fridayy celebrates his artistic achievement and his shift in fortune since the EP’s release over huge piano chords, echoing basslines, and backup vocals. “Came Too Far” seeks to address the uncertainties raised in “Momma.” On the latter, Fridayy reassures his mother not to be concerned, whilst on the former, his mother acknowledges the achievement she had predicted from his childhood.

“Done For Me,” a mid-tempo track featuring Afrobeats musician Adekunle Gold, kicks off the album. Both artists express their thanks to the Almighty for defending their life from adversaries. Gold’s contribution to the single stands out because it sounds similar to Afro-Pop, a subgenre in which he is well-versed. The production quality here is a credit to the collaborative efforts of Fridayy, KVRIM, Fortune, S. Dot, and Aidan Brody, resulting in a unified whole.

One of the album’s lead songs, “Stand by Me,” showcases Fridayy’s distinct sound at its best. The production on this song is minimal, allowing Fridayy’s voice to take center stage. Fridayy uses great craftsmanship to make a genuine call for help. The song’s lyrical complexity is also connected with his own path to self-development as he faces the trials of his blossoming profession.

“When It Comes To You” depicts Fridayy recognizing a newfound flame in his life, a person who is now present in his sad days and has triggered a tremendous metamorphosis within him. The song also emphasizes his readiness to set aside his pride and be vulnerable in order to be vulnerable for this unique individual.

Fridayy collaborates with Fireboy DML on “You,” an homage to a love interest. This music combines Afrobeats and R&B components to create a melodic backdrop that supports their verbal tale. While the song is about a lover, there is also an undercurrent about her prowess in intimate times. Friday and DML’s incredible chemistry makes their cooperation a noteworthy element on the record.

Fridayy and Chris Brown collaborate on the R&B song “Don’t Give It Away.” This song continues the idea established in the previous song, with both artists serenading a lover with promises of wealth and pleasure, with the chorus urging her to remain true and devoted.

“Church on Sunday,” a Hip-Hop-infused tune, is one of Fridayy’s best efforts. Fridayy recounts his challenges as well as his great accomplishment in American music, and the track’s vibrant atmosphere endures. The album concludes with “I Won (Outro),” an urban soul song. Shouts of joy fade into the backdrop as Fridayy delivers a spoken verse.


1 Came Too Far (feat. Maverick City Music & My Mom) Fridayy 3:51
2 Done For Me (feat. Adekunle Gold) Fridayy 3:55
3 Stand By Me Fridayy 3:03
4 Heart On The Line Fridayy 2:48
5 When It Comes To You Fridayy 2:48
6 You (feat. Fireboy DML) Fridayy 4:11
7 Don’t Give It Away Fridayy & Chris Brown 3:26
8 DGIA Pt. 2 Fridayy 2:07
9 3AM In NY Fridayy 2:37
10 Carry You Fridayy 1:38
11 Mercy (feat. Byron Messia) Fridayy 2:42
12 Lost My Way Fridayy 2:41
13 Church On Sunday Fridayy 1:40
14 I Won Fridayy 1:34

Album Theme

Fridayy’s personal experiences are explored in depth in the album, which also celebrates his accomplishments. Fridayy’s emotive vocal skills commands attention, and throughout the project, he tugs at the emotions, drawing listeners into his story.

Production Credits

Aidan Brody, Bass Charity, Bizness Boi, Blake Straus, Daniel Church, Deputy, Derelle Rideout, Edgar Cutino, Fortune, Fridayy, Kofo, KVRIM, Kxhris, MOMBRU, Musik Spirit & S.Dot produced the album.


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