Key Glock “Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)” Album Review

Key Glock returns with the deluxe version of his self-forced album "Glockoma 2."

Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)

Key Glock

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 23 Jun, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Track(s): 23
  • ℗ 2023 Paper Route EMPIRE

In February, Memphis rapper Key Glock released the sequel to his “Glockoma” mixtape, which dropped in 2018. The project came heavy with 15 tracks, one track more than the first project. As if that wasn’t enough, Glock returned with the deluxe version of “Glockoma 2,” and fans can’t get enough.

The new project contained eight more tracks, all solos from the “Sucker Free” star. One of the best things about the project is how much it focuses on the Memphis star’s talents and hard-hitting bars. He stayed true to the first project and included no guest features.

Our early introduction to Glock was back in the day when he took over the scene riding on the wings of his late cousin Young Dolph. He has since dropped more mixtapes and projects and earned himself enough hits to go on successful tours performing to his fans.

Earlier in the year, he toured the LP with Tia Corine and his colleagues at Paper Route Empire, Kenny Muney and Jay Fizzle. We hear it was a successful tour. The entire album is produced by Tay Keith, Bandplay, and more.

Cover Art

Key Glock &Quot;Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 19, 2024
Key Glock &Ldquo;Glockoma 2 (Deluxe)&Rdquo; Cover Art

While some would argue that Hip Hop artists don’t put so much thought into their album covers, others would say they actually do. For a solo album or mixtape that doesn’t contain any guest features, key Glock had the perfect cover for it. You guessed that right, his face. Glock takes center stage in the entire album, and he makes sure you get a good look at him while you listen to his bars. He didn’t really change much in the deluxe version cover art, only the color of the photo. His face remained the same, with that signature smile we know him for.

One of the reasons to love Glock is how well he prepares us for his projects. Before dropping “Glockoma 2,” he released the singles “Dirt” and “Work.” Of course, we knew exactly what was coming when we heard the joints. The new “Glockoma 2 Deluxe” was preceded by the single “Presidential Rolex,” equally well-received by fans. “Sucker Free” is another joint on the project that’s been getting nods from fans. The song opens the album, and Glock rides the beat like it was sown to his skin. “Mama Said,” “Last Man Standing,” and more are also fan favorites.

Tracklist & Features

Key Glock’s 2018 mixtape “Glockoma” contained 14 solid tracks. The follow-up housed 15 tracks and did not include any guest features. He announced eight additional tracks to be included in the deluxe version, still without any guest features. The additional tracks include “Sucker Free,” “Let’s Go,” “No Hook,” “Penny,” “Mama Said,” “Presidential Rolex,” “Lean Habits,” and “Last Man Standing.” It is no news that Glock isn’t big on features. He closed the album with “F**k A Feature,” a track that thoroughly explains that. There also isn’t a doubt that he can pull off an entire album alone.


1 Sucker Free 2:03
2 Let’s Go 2:20
3 No Hook 2:11
4 Penny 2:12
5 MaMa Said 2:29
6 Presidential Rolex 2:28
7 Lean Habits 2:33
8 Last Man Standing 2:35
9 Dirt 3:19
10 Work 2:23
11 Randy Orton 2:53
12 Chromosomes 2:30
13 2 For 1 2:58
14 Pop My Shit 2:31
15 Designer Down 2:28
16 From Nothing 2:49
17 Key Rex 2:12
18 In & Outta Town 2:21
19 Fuck Dat Shit 3:16
20 Money Over Hoes 2:36
21 Ratchet 2:35
22 Homicide Gvng 2:52
23 Fuck A Feature 2:39


No one blows Key Glock’s horn as much as he does. If you’re wondering what “Glockoma 2 Deluxe” is about, you know it’s about him. Glock has always been great at creating street music, precisely as the fans like it. “Glockoma 2” previously hit number 13 on the Billboard 200 when it dropped in February. With the new deluxe, it might chart even higher; who knows? Glock is the focus of the entire album. No one does it better than he when he takes the mic. He may not be the biggest rapper on the scene, but he’s a “bad modaf***er,” and he knows that enough to rap about it.


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