Ajebutter22 “Soundtrack To The Good Life” Album Review

Soundtrack To The Good Life

Ajebutter 22

  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 20 Jan, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2022 Butternation

Ajebutter22’s new album “Soundtrack to the Good Life,” has finally been published, almost six years from his last release. The LP, as its name implies, is the ideal complement to an opulent way of life. Soundtrack To The Good Life consists of fifteen tracks, all of which are excellent. The songs “Enjoyment” by Ajebo Hustlers and “Unconditionally” by Oxlade are two highlights. Both songs were released separately as lead singles. Ajebo Hustlers, Not3s, Mellissa, Ladipoe, Jeff Akoh, Kida Kudz, Joey B, KiDi, and Oxlade are just a few of the well-known artists who feature on the album.

Album Cover Art

Ajebutter22 &Quot;Soundtrack To The Good Life&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 19, 2024

Ajebutter, in his purest soft life essence, can be seen resting his back, with his hand supporting his head while he is out in the sun, blue shades shielding his eyes. The entire background also lends to the feel of the cozy, worry-free lifestyle, with the palm trees giving beach vibes, the rose petals and beautiful sunset giving rich vacation vibes in the choicest of locations. The entire artwork concept is just a perfect fit for both the album title and the album theme.

Tracks and Features

The first song on the 15-track album, “Soft Life Manifestations,” by Koremone, is poetry-like and seems to create a highly detailed image of how beautiful life may be if you have the money to support it. It definitely exalts the easy life and makes pleasure seem so awesome. “Soft Life,” the following song, includes Mavins’ Ladipoe. Ajebutter22 sings about wanting to pamper his baby and how she makes him think of the summer. Ladipoe preaches the gospel of the easy life while spitting verses over a mellow Afro R&B groove.Ajebutter22 &Quot;Soundtrack To The Good Life&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 19, 2024

“Enjoyment,” by Ajebo Hustlers, is the third song. The melody and feel are wonderful and characteristic of how we’ve grown to adore Ajebo Hustlers and their vibe, so they transition into their hook and chorus with such ease. On “Floating,” Ajebutter22 is just pure cruise as he claims to deserve to be considered the master of enjoyment. With his songs, he just deftly makes the easy life seem so alluring. The song is typical Afro-pop with a strong Alté influence. The opening to Fire with Jeff Akoh is amazing. As Jeff sonorously runs his riffs and declares the female in question is his “desire,” the sonorous rendering makes love appear to be so tranquil and makes the subjects of love, relationships, and romance appear to be so alluring.

“Unconditionally,” which features Oxlade’s, has the mood and constituent parts that constitute a great song. As he glides in and lays vocals that captivate the listener, Oxlade soaks up the Afro-pop groove. When they enter, the background backup vocals don’t overpower the soloist’s efforts. This track, which oozes quality, wonderfully balances the brilliance of Oxlade and the swagger of Ajebutter22. On “Confam,” which has Alté influences, Kida Kudz is featured. The lyrics make references to themes of luxury, relaxation, and cruises, as well as romance and some sexually explicit material.

Joey and KiDi are featured on the fantastic song “Dey Ok.” The trio sing about how they are undeterred by any problems since they are confident that everything will work out and they will be fine. Ajebutter22 and Toby Shang get into an Amapiano groove. The song seems to laud black women who are attractive and makes genetic references to them. The duo capitalize on the Amapiano sound while acknowledging its dominance and making explicit sexual references to an imaginary African damsel.

Melissa and Not3s are featured on “Hear My Sound.” Ajebutter22 claims he doesn’t look at people’s faces since his only goal is to earn enough money to support his comfortable lifestyle. He acknowledges that all he wants is mental calm. The trio blends admirably as the track gradually fades to an end and brings the listening journey to a pleasant conclusion. The composition of the track is commendable.


1 Soft Life Manifestations (feat. Koromone) Ajebutter 22 1:52
2 Soft Life (feat. LADIPOE) Ajebutter 22 3:55
3 Enjoyment (feat. Ajebo Hustlers) Ajebutter 22 3:24
4 African Man Ajebutter 22 3:16
5 Floating Ajebutter 22 3:12
6 Fire (feat. Jeff Akoh) Ajebutter 22 3:31
7 Sunmoju Ajebutter 22 2:48
8 Light Spark Ajebutter 22 3:32
9 Unconditionally Ajebutter 22 & Oxlade 3:17
10 Finish Me Ajebutter 22 3:27
11 Confam (feat. Kida Kudz) Ajebutter 22 3:06
12 Dey Ok (feat. Kidi & Joey B) Ajebutter 22 3:07
13 King of Parole Ajebutter 22 3:16
14 Amapiano x Shisha (feat. Toby Shang) Ajebutter 22 2:36
15 Hear My Sound (feat. Mellissa & Not3s) Ajebutter 22 2:56

Album Theme

Butter is in his relaxed, soft boy era and every track on the project, from start to finish, relays just that. The album puts premium enjoyment and the lavish style of living on full display.

Production Credits

The album was produced by Chilz, ZYDM BEATS, and Spax.


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