CKay ‘Sad Romance (Deluxe)’ Album Review

Sad Romance (Deluxe)

As he releases the deluxe edition of “Sad Romance,” CKay keeps his creative inspiration burning brightly. This updated version, which was originally made up of eleven engaging tunes, offers an exciting extension with the addition of four compelling new songs, enhancing the album’s attraction. Sad Romance’s Deluxe Edition showcases CKay’s unrelenting commitment to his craft and his desire to never stop captivating listeners.

With the inclusion of four more songs, the album now has a grand total of 15 tracks, each of which was painstakingly composed to capture and profoundly resonate with his listeners. CKay gives his already compelling musical tapestry fresh life by including the talents of Joeboy, Blaqbonez, and Tekno as new guests on the album.

Album Cover Art (Deluxe Edition)

Ckay ‘Sad Romance (Deluxe)’ Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 13, 2024

Unlike the album cover to the original version, the lady finally got enough of the balcony view and is now in the same room with CKay. But observing the chemistry between them, which seems a little off, you can tell there is something going on; something that sets off an inner anxiety alarm. Africa’s boyfriend even lowered his wine glass to pay attention, as they both stare at themselves like two guilty lovers too ashamed to fess up to each other, so they just sit in the awkward silence.

Additional Tracks and Features

When you hear a song like “Capture My Soul,” you wonder why it took CKay and Joeboy this long to collaborate. There’s just something magical about their musical chemistry, as displayed on Pondeck’s “Wetin Be Love,” off his smash sophomore album, “Body & Soul.” This track is a special one for all the ladies, and both singers bounce the melodies and vibes off each other, as they express their emotions for a special lady. The beat also helped highlight their strengths and skilled deliveries.

Sweetening the pot, CKay invites the party chairman Tekno to see about “NNEKA.” Together they up the tempo with their immaculate flows spiced with some peppered Amapiano in the track’s beat and style. In addition, CKay’s melodies have to be given their flowers separately because it takes a different talent sucrose to create ear candy like this.

The lover boy in CKay’s core comes out in “Nwayi.” Though the indigenous song title is misspelled, the track’s vibe and mood was well spelled out through the singer’s romantic lyrics about a woman who has him tripping like a globetrotter. Over some cool Afrobeats, CKay fawns over his woman and low-key discloses that he’s into ‘wicked’ chicks that can blow hot and cold till you forget the true meaning of the word ‘Temperature.’

Switching gears from expressing love for the things that kills him, CKay puts on a grateful spirit in “Hallelujah.” And there is no other person that relates to the grass-to-grace story in the Nigerian music business like Blaqbonez, the song’s featured guest. They both count their blessings and choke their enemies with the suffocating aroma of their success. And trust Magic Sticks to churn out greatness only, elevating the vibe with the groovy Amapiano log drums.


1 you 2:55
2 mmadu 3:16
3 capture my soul (feat. Joeboy) 3:31
4 nwayi 3:04
5 leave me alone 2:54
6 you cheated, i cheated too 2:15
7 come close (feat. Ayra Starr) 3:24
8 WATAWI (feat. Abidoza, Davido & Focalistic) 5:05
9 NNEKA (feat. Tekno) 3:15
10 HALLELUJAH (feat. Blaqbonez) 2:17
11 soja 2:53
12 samson and delilah (feat. Mayra Andrade) 3:14
13 by now 2:44
14 emiliana 2:46
15 lose you (feat. Ronisia) 3:08

Album Theme

With a lyrical profundity that strikes listeners on a profound level, CKay goes into the depths of human emotions, examining themes of love, heartbreak, relationship difficulties, and self-discovery.

Production Credits

Sakhile Basil Manqele, Magic Sticks, BMH & CKay produced the four additional songs for the Sad Romance’s deluxe edition.


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