Pheelz “Pheelz Good” EP Review

Pheelz Good


  • Genre: Afro-Beat
  • Date: 10 Feb, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 8
  • ℗ 2023 Rii Collective

Producer and singer Pheelz has released his new sophomore EP, “Pheelz Good,” a condensed compilation of Afropop-tinged production and melodic R&B songs, to broaden his global audience and explore new and developing sounds.

The brand-new EP, which also features Davido and BNXN, celebrates the Nigerian heritage and distills Pheelz’s present musical tastes.

EP Cover Art

Pheelz &Quot;Pheelz Good&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 3, 2024

Three masks in different compartments, next to one another, are decorated using different colors. Taking a cue from the album title, the art possibly illustrates how great the singer and producer feels all-round.

While his emotions and possible love life are intact and running smoothly, his wins and recent achievements have him feeling like a king. If you were in his shoes, you would know that it sure Pheelz Good.

Tracks and Features

“Ballin” is a superb project opener since it subtly establishes the tone for what to anticipate. You can already tell by listening to this tune that the project will be modest but still have an impact.

Pheelz discusses his past experiences and others who could have had reservations about the artist he is becoming so quickly.

The piano chords make the most striking statement in this song. Everything in the song stands out, including the performance and the production. The performance of this song by Pheelz was excellent.

Like the song before it, “Stand By You,” has been released before today. Pheelz is as honest as he can be with his muse on this tune; he only wants to express his love for her.

Adding the backup vocals to this song gives it a noticeable new life. If you enjoy songs about deep love, you’ll play this one repeatedly.

We start delving into the new tracks with the third track on the EP, “Pheelz Like Summer.” The way those trumpets came in was amazing! Despite the record’s cheerful speed, Pheelz flexes his vocals on the track without doing too much.

Even though the year has just begun, this song will make you long for the summer. This is exactly how to employ the crowd vocal effect without sounding forced effectively.

The next song is “Electricity,” which features Davido. We want to say right now that this project’s track arrangement is outstanding. Davido’s performance of this song is brilliant, and he benefits from Pheelz’s enthusiasm.

It is indisputable that both artists gave it their all. Due to its originality, “Finesse” with BNXN quickly became one of the most popular songs of 2022, and you can still rock with it almost a year later. Records like this one, released earlier than today, can still sparkle and have their own life because of how the body of work is organized.

“Pablo Escobar” is that party music that will unquestionably take over the clubs in the coming months. Pheelz had a very exceptional performance on this song, and the production is quite distinctive, highly uptempo, but not chaotic.

It’s lovely to hear this record for the first time, as it’s clear he’s producing music that he feels comfortable doing. Pheelz is making the music he wants to make on “Emi Laye Mi” since that is what this song is all about. It’s incredible how he wrote these lyrics over an upbeat tune while talking about his successes.

On the project’s final song, “Ewele,” Pheelz uses his adept ear for melodies and production to select the most remarkable backdrops from which to declare his love and personal ambitions.

Pheelz keeps his subject matter straightforward and one-dimensional but compensates for this by singing in a gruff, radio-worthy falsetto.


1 Ballin Pheelz 2:34
2 Stand By You Pheelz 2:55
3 Pheelz Like Summer Pheelz 2:50
4 Electricity Pheelz & Davido 2:12
5 Finesse Pheelz & BNXN fka Buju 2:31
6 Pablo Escobar Pheelz 3:00
7 Emi Laye Mi Pheelz 2:48
8 Ewele Pheelz 2:19

EP Theme

Pheelz sings with great assurance throughout the 20-minute running duration, belting out sentimental melodies to his lovers and going full-on lyrical on his critics. He also doesn’t waste any time illustrating to his listeners the perks of his successes and the things he craves.

Production Credits

Pheelz and other producers contributed to the EP’s production.


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