Rod Wave “Nostalgia” Album Review


Rod Wave

  • Genre: Rap
  • Date: 15 Sep, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Track(s): 21
  • ℗ 2023 Alamo Records, LLC/Sony Music Entertainment

Rod Wave returns with Nostalgia, his fifth studio album, a collection of 18 songs that display his range and fragility as an artist. Nostalgia is an excellent album that demonstrates Rod Wave’s evolution as a musician. The album includes a mix of emotions and styles that range from sentimental and gloom to cheerful and vibrant.

The album also includes appearances by 21 Savage, Wet, and Sadie Jean, who each contribute their own flavor and flair to the endeavor. Rod Wave fans will enjoy and respect Nostalgia because it reflects his path and attitude. Nostalgia is an album that lives up to its name, transporting listeners on a journey down memory lane with Rod.

Album Cover Art

Rod Wave &Quot;Nostalgia&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, December 1, 2023

Rod, in a black attire, has expensive water dripping down his neck, while he stares into space, blankly, like one rummaging through and lost deep, sad thoughts.

Tracks and Features

The opening track of the album, “Nostalgia,” is a sensitive and sentimental ballad with Wet that establishes the mood for the rest of the project. Rod sings on the memories from his youth and how they shaped the man he is now. Lastly, he expressed gratitude to his family and followers for their support during his career. This song is the ideal representation of Rod’s personality and musical taste.

Following that in the album, more joyful and spirited songs like “Long Journey,” “Call Your Friends,” “HG4”, and “Come See Me” enter. These tracks serve as a showcase for Rod’s rap prowess and his capacity for clever puns and catchy tunes. As he brags about his wealth, celebrity, and way of life, Rod also exhibits his charisma and self-assurance. He also discusses some of the difficulties and struggles he encounters in the field, including fake friends, detractors, and rivalry.

The song “Turks & Caicos” with 21 Savage, which album fans have been eagerly awaiting for a while, is one of its highlights. The song is a banger as both rappers show off their lyrical skills and flaunt their opulent lifestyles over a tough rhythm. As they trade bars and compliment each other’s flows, it is clear that Rod and 21 get along. The song is evidence of Rod’s adaptability and his capacity to collaborate with many musicians and genres.

The genuine and moving ballad “Boyz Don’t Cry” is another great piece; it reveals Rod’s vulnerability and honesty. Rod sings about his trauma and pain as well as how he has learnt to control his emotions in order to deal with them. He also discusses some of the negative emotions and thoughts he has had, such as suicide thoughts, depression, and anxiety. The song has a strong message that many listeners can relate to because they have experienced similar things.

The album’s final track, “2018,” is performed by TikTok sensation Sadie Jean, whose rendition of Rod’s song “Heart On Ice” went viral. Over a gentle and melodious beat, Rod and Sadie sing a charming and adoring duet about how much they love and admire one another. Since it reveals Rod’s softer and happier side, the song offers a good contrast to the rest of the CD. It also pays homage to Rod’s supporters, who have stood by him ever since his humble beginnings.


1NostalgiaRod Wave & Wet2:43
2Long JourneyRod Wave3:05
3Call Your FriendsRod Wave2:33
4HG4Rod Wave2:00
5Come See MeRod Wave3:10
6CrazyRod Wave2:10
7Love For A ThugRod Wave3:04
8CheckmateRod Wave3:17
9Fight The FeelingRod Wave2:40
10Turks & Caicos (feat. 21 Savage)Rod Wave3:23
11Boyz Don’t CryRod Wave2:46
12Pass You ByRod Wave3:12
13Great GatsbyRod Wave2:26
14Keep It GRod Wave4:00
15Love Story/InterludeRod Wave5:16
16Rap BeefRod Wave3:28
17Back LitRod Wave2:58
182018Rod Wave & Sadie Jean3:14
19Call Your FriendsRod Wave2:34
20Come See MeRod Wave3:09
21Fight The FeelingRod Wave3:28

Album Theme

Rod’s journey from his modest beginnings in St. Petersburg, Florida, to his current status as one of the most well-known and prominent rappers in the business is reflected in the album. Soulful R&B tunes, hard-hitting rap lines, and moving tales that deal with themes of love, sorrow, betrayal, achievement, and appreciation are all combined in Nostalgia.

Production Credits

ADE, Aldaz, Amineskkrt, atononmymind, Ayo Bleu, AYOKXNZO, BeatsByJuko, BeatsByTrain, BSQUARED, camm, Desirez beats, DKeyz, Dubba K Beats, DVOSK, EELmatic, EgonBeUp, Fasbeats, FlexOnDaTrack, FRAXILLE and a host of other producers were involved in the album’s sound engineering.


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