Ari Lennox Discloses Unacceptable Treatment During Rod Wave Tour

In an honest statement, Ari Lennox described her miserable tour with Rod Wave, saying that she was “never comfortable” while on the road with the rapper. The Dreamville singer talked about her tour experience and the harassment she received over the weekend in a vulnerable Instagram Live.

Lennox had more problems with the showgoers than with Wave. The most noteworthy event that occurred when Ari Lennox was opening for Rod Wave was when, in November, the singer was attacked with a bottle thrown from the audience during a performance in Los Angeles.

While the bottle almost missed her, the “Shea Butter Baby” singer went on a rampage in front of the audience, naming the person she felt hurled the object. However, in more uplifting Ari Lennox-related news, the singer recently celebrated one year of sobriety.

She gave an update on her continued sobriety by considering who she was before and how far she has come in the year since she made a lifestyle change. The Grammy nominee shared a long essay about the relatively recent adjustment along with a number of photos of herself appearing healthy.

Before that, the 32-year-old singer honored her seven months of sobriety over the summer by reflecting on her past and emphasizing the transformative power of abstinence.

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