Rod Wave “Fight The Feeling” Song Review

Rod Wave's Emotional Honesty Shines on "Fight The Feeling" - A Review

On March 31, 2023, Rod Wave, a musician known for his emotional vulnerability and raw honesty in his music, published a new single titled “Fight The Feeling.” The single is accompanied by a music video that depicts the singer performing at an intimate gathering and tells the tale of a young Rod Wave raised by a single mother. The song’s lyrics depict a girl struggling with an excruciating emotional conflict, and the accompanying music video adds layer of depth to the overall message.

“Fight The Feeling” is a song about a girl who suffers emotionally and attempts to conceal her emotions. Rod Wave sees through her façade and empathizes with her because he understands what it’s like to conceal his emotions.

With lyrics such as “Her heart is still broken, but she’s in denial / She needs her grandmother to watch her child / Her makeup covers up her broken smile / You’re living on lies, hurting on the inside, but she’s on the outside,” the song demonstrates a profound comprehension of the girl’s situation.

His lyrical sensitivity and emotional intellect are a testament to his songwriting ability. Instead of focusing exclusively on superficial topics, he delves deeply into the human experience, establishing a rapport with his audience. The production by BeatsbyTrain, Amineskkrt, Aldaz, and ThatBossEvan, with its touching piano keys and subtle trap vibrations, complements the song’s emotional tone.

The music video is an effective visual representation of the song’s message. Rod Wave’s performance in a nightclub, surrounded by individuals attempting to conceal their pain and enjoy the moment, is a metaphor for the difficulty of confronting one’s emotions. The narrative of young Rod Wave’s upbringing by a single mother adds a personal element to the story, heightening the overall significance of its message.

“Fight The Feeling” has received a resoundingly favorable response from fans, with over 500,000 YouTube views in less than 14 hours. This achievement strengthens Rod Wave’s standing as an emerging star in the music industry. His ability to rap and sing at a high level has set him apart from his peers and earned him a devoted fan base that is always anxious for new music.

While no official announcement of a new album has been made, “Fight The Feeling” may set the stage for one. In the meantime, fans can anticipate more profoundly stirring music from Rod Wave, who continues demonstrating his exceptional talent on the American hip-hop scene.

“Fight The Feeling” is a song that exemplifies Rod Wave’s unmatched capacity to communicate with his audience through emotional candor and compelling storytelling. The song’s lyrics, production, and music video create a poignant and impactful listening experience. With this release, Rod Wave has once again demonstrated why he is one of the most promising and distinctive accents in contemporary hip-hop.

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