Song Review: Fast X Soundtrack – Angel Pt. 1 (feat. Jimin of BTS, JVKE & Muni Long)

Angel Pt. 1 - A Divine Collaboration on Fast X Soundtrack

The captivating song “Angel Pt. 1” from the upcoming Fast X Original Motion Picture Soundtrack results from incredible cooperation amongst various artists from various genres and nations. In this unheard-of collaboration, rappers Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, and the versatile singer-songwriter Muni Long team up with Jimin from the internationally renowned South Korean group BTS and the rising TikTok star JVKE.

The song’s melancholy piano beginning swiftly gives way to a captivating chorus, striking an emotional chord from the first note. The beautiful harmony produced by Jimin’s delicate voice and JVKE’s silky tones emphasizes the song’s melancholy subject. Not only is the chorus a poetic masterpiece, but it is also performed with such emotional intensity that it strikes a chord with listeners on a deep level. a plea to an angel to keep its distance lest it be harmed, is not only a lyrical masterpiece but is also delivered with such emotional intensity that it resonates deeply with listeners..

The song’s catchy lyric, “Angel, don’t fly so close to me/ I’ll pull you down eventually/ You don’t wanna lose those wings/ People like me break beautiful things,” is an effective metaphor for self-awareness, vulnerability, and the precarious nature of relationships. The next phrase, “I’m what you want and what you need,” which brilliantly expresses the complexity of human desires and the paradox of love, further enhances the sad lyrics.

The verse by Kodak Black gives the song’s sophisticated melodic mood a rough and gritty edge. The beautiful harmonies contrast sharply with his trademark nasally voice, giving the song an edgy, urban vibe. His songs explore his own life and reflect his past while connecting it to the present. His stanza nicely complements the song’s main message by capturing a sense of hardship, tenacity, and awareness of how short life is.

In the music video trailer, Muni Long deftly repeats the chorus, her beautiful voice adding yet another level of complexity to the emotional fabric of the song. Her performance enhances Jimin and JVKE’s initial delivery by keeping the song’s sad tone while adding a subtly different accent.

“Angel Pt. 1” is proof of the effectiveness of different teamwork. It skillfully combines many musical genres, including R&B, Trap, and South Korean pop, to create a song that crosses cultural barriers. The production by Mark Nilan Jr. and Danny Majic is expertly done and shows off their talent for fusing many musical styles into a unified whole.

“Angel Pt. 1” is more than merely a song for a movie soundtrack, to sum up. The Fast & Furious franchise’s high-octane thrills and underlying family theme are mirrored in this extraordinary musical journey that takes listeners through a range of emotions. The song shows how music can unite people from all walks of life and musical styles to produce something truly wonderful.

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